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New Ideas For Usable Items


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Still, the book you describe as an item would need...TONS of pieces ingame to spread. And where is the point to that when you can have just an article on md archives, or even the forum here?

I don't think such an item brings that many great benefits not existing yet.

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I was going to post this as a separate topic but this seemed like a more appropriate topic to place it in.

I have been considering the potential problem of inactivity within the current Woodcutter's Guild and how that can affect the guild and other resource gathering guilds as well as the MD community.

Members of a guild (or former members) having possession of an item from the guild but not using it or going inactive and the guild being lessened by not being able to regain items that it requires to gather the resources. As there are a finite number of items that the guild members can use to gather materials, losing any of them to inactivity is a loss to the whole community and not just the guild.

A central location (clickable) that stores resource gathering items for guild members to pick up and use while they are logged in. Once a member has logged out(idled out), the item automatically gets returned to the distribution point. This would ensure that items are never lost to inactivity or become a trophy in someone's item vault. Only one item (per resource?) per account at a time would be allowed.

[b]Option A[/b]
Players must wear a resource gathering guild badge to be able to be able to pick up an item.

[b]Option B[/b]
Players must have a minimum skill level in one of the resource gathering stats to be able to pick up an item.

We know that Mur has the ability to have items return to a location for recharging after use so why not return on logout(idle out)? This would keep the items available for MD as a whole. It would still be possible for someone to "steal" an item but they must be much more active about their theft rather than obtaining it and holding it. In some ways, it may actually stimulate activity if someone were to try to steal an item.

I would appreciate any comments/thoughts you might have in regards to this suggestion.

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In real life an axe as such isn't something that travels back by itself..

And even if we give this property, it shouldn't be immediately. No, if this gets implemented, I vote for a longer time of inactivity for a tool to be taken away.

But, right now I think the tools ought to be redistributed to the active ones maybe because of how woodcutters was founded, as for the risks..I think it was planned that way partially.

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