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@BFH, the "MD" has to be on a bit of paper for a reason, to prove it's your photo, those have it clearly photoshopped in, and from that i would think that they arent valid for the contest

LE: Speaking of, submission end date was 1st March...

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[quote name='bfh lighthing' date='07 March 2010 - 03:06 PM' timestamp='1267970803' post='55914']

wait, if Z hasn't select a winner i can post and compete? that meen i can post? or the final has only to be March 1?

This is the most funny thing i heard over a month or so.

he posts high def pic of a tiger from google and photoshops md in it.... and he took it LOL

You are my favorite <3

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The winners are:

Shantu – Wiggly Tree
Neno veliki – GGG Graffiti
Sir Kamil – Trying to get into Loreroot

Could the 3 of you please PM me on the forum your in game names so that I assign the wps to the right people.

Well done and thanks to all for being involved.


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