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Gazebo Of Victory

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How does a place for Farming losses obsolete a place to get victories? Getting a loss does not give a Victory to the opponent. On the opposite, getting a loss means, the opponent didnt get a Victory.

Anyways. Spoilers will be very strictly edited out. My suggestion will only include a forced def Rit, and a prefered outcome for the fight, everything else people can work out for them selfs.

I dont care if it makes sense or no. Its pretty boring nowdays in MD land, anything is better then spamming attacks at GGG.

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replace 'loss' with 'victory' in my former post, the point is the same...
(btw, victory and loss aren't mutually exclusive, both outcomes can happen in a single battle)

saying that farming wins is boring and suggesting a place to farm victories is related how?

you say pretty much anything is better than farming wins at ggg. don't do it then.
there are players like burns (as an example for a strong but not overpowered fighter) who don't use ggg and who are still faring well.

from what you say it sounds like you'd want a place for real battle, rather than one to farm. at GoE you will still find fighters who fight old school. why not joining them?

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