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Bit early, but what do you think?  

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doesnt really appeal to me because the ones with lots of wealth will be able to get them, and however interesting it is for them, i would never be able to compete with them, So to me its just another showing of people who have all, getting more...

Perhaps i an annoyed that i am not one of those people who have all these fully tokened dracorns, but because of that, it doesnt really intrest me.

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Well, the issue is that even the rich lose a lot there..so in a sense this would balance things in terms of wealth, but i'm curious what'll happen to the goods afterwards. Agree though that it is mainly for the rich, or those who are willing to throw in lots of things.

Edit: Oh, and I forgot. With this trades would become more interesting again, because people now can work towards their goal.

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Same as Chewie, to me it feels like very special quest rewards getting sold...

Of course it's just one morph and one darkling, it could be a lot worse, but i definitely hope that there'll be some nice quests for those, too, cause.. you know... it's one thing to buy the colored crits that are basically a normal crit with a bit added strenght, but something completely different to buy a creature that's not for sale normally :/

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For now, I'm strongly against. But we'll have to see how mur "values" WP's before making a definite judgment. Should those be highly valued, I don't mind people getting rare quest rewards for WPs because they have quested for the creats then. They just haven't participated/won the right contests/quest.

EDIT: Highest bid for each lot would be great to know as well...

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It'll be interesting to see what people will be bidding and i'll be feeling sorry for Mur when he has to read all the nonsensical bids and keep track.

The spell doc reward is a bit odd. It seems to me that it is worth most to those who already have a large collection. [i]"Spell docs were given by RPC players but since there are no more rpcs there is no current way to give them out...yet. When there will be a way to do so, and there will be one, the higher level spells will not be given."[/i] => The use is for high levels of documents, which are only usable if you have all the lower levels. Who is going to bet on getting the lower levels once there will again be a method to get them? The RPC method made some docs readily available and others sparse. I'd rather bid on the ability to distribute a low level doc than on a couple of unique docs and pray I'll get the corresponding lower ones soon. (not that i have the funds for bidding though.)

[quote name='Burns' date='06 January 2010 - 04:35 PM' timestamp='1262792100' post='51994']
Of course it's just one morph and one darkling, it could be a lot worse, but i definitely hope that there'll be some nice quests for those, too, cause.. you know... it's one thing to buy the colored crits that are basically a normal crit with a bit added strenght, but something completely different to buy a creature that's not for sale normally :/
I have it from a good source that a "darkling" has been a quest reward before actually. Rumor has it that it's been sold privately afterward, I wonder if that is true and if the price was similar to current bids.

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No ofc there wont be a system because everything is valued differently by everyone, mur alike.

For example, fenrir you value an imperial aramor assasin with not enough wins or age as EXTREMELY rare, as you put it. i value it as not rare, as when i would get it, it would just be a normal one.

Be patient and he will slowly show us what he values to be the highest, It doesnt matter if you bid lower, he will just remove

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Fenrir, the point being as soon as it's transfered it'll be lvl 1 again, so perfectly normal, it's only rare until you CTC it, so the sale value is that of a normal imp, and therefore not much at all

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Interesting -as it was mentioned before- to see the wealth of some players and what they are willing to give in order to obtain certain "rare" things..
But also of no importance to me as a player because i will never be able to compete with equal terms (without spending money in the game) against the higher bidders..I would prefer those items to be distributed in quests where everyone has equal chances more or less..


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You mistake one part. I have not spent a single cent on MD, in terms of real cash. I played lots, which means I invested time, I traded lots, but I never donated to MD: And yet I am where I am today. I'm the proof the unpaying people can get what even some paying people lack.

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= wow, shadow, i might use it as advertising material... not kidding
= creatures you bid , you bid as they are, i will take them intact
= i dont have a scale for value yet, i go by intuition.

It sais ther

This one, I play

That means Muratus del Mur, not Manu will value items, as ruler of the land i aquired these items, and not as programmer or developer of MD. For you is no difference, for me it is. One day I will PLAY, as a retired King of my land... then i will pm "Manu" to fix things :))))
one day i will play, as I did with Knaty, and this auction is one of those. What you forgot Mur is a role too?

ps. whats a mur..damn, i knew i,t pfff....

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I find the auction, to be honest and to get my reputation to -100 or so, rather stupid. Stupid because i can't find any other word. As much as I agree that people should be rewarded for their work, I am simply.... dumbstruck? (did I invent a new word?) by the idea of an auction. If you want to reward them, reward them personally. Not by putting some awesome creatures / other things under our noses and then let people show off how much credits they pay. (yes shadow, i read your post). An auction should give ALL participants an equal chance, or at least try to. And the idea of a separate auction for... "lowlifes" i think you'd call us if even more hilarious. What are we gonna fight for? An Aramor with Claw 1 on it??
It seems as if this auction is just meant to upset people and give others a reason to flick others' noses "HA! See what i got?" It seems so corrupt and... ugh... At least you could have made it private, so we don't have to watch. And you wonder why people leave from MD.
Don't tell me to leave if i don't like it. I just wanted to point something out.
Of course you like it, so far I've seen posts from people who have a chance of winning something and don't just have to watch how others get items / spells / creatures that will get them even more lost fights (etc).
I'd like the idea as well if i knew I'd stand a chance. I tried to ignore every bad aspect of MD until now. People get away unpunished, some get to finish quests faster because they tucked some coins in the right pocket, creatures / items given for the very good reason of being in 'love' with someone 5000 miles across the world, completely unfair system for newbies, and many more. I hate being impolite, but one thing I don't stand for is discrimination. Argue about this as much as you want, this is just the way i see it.

As I said, my intention is not to alter the course of the current auction, but to point out some things (that may or may not deflate some ego-s). MD is going the wrong way, and I think the best example of what happens when something goes wrong from the high positions in the social hierarchy is Romania itself, Mur / Manu should know what i'm talking about. It's pretty much the same situation.

oh, and just in case you start typing "well nobody asked you to go and look at the items for sale" stop and read.
[spoiler]It's in the announcements, everyone's talking about HOW GREAT it is, it's all over the forum. what would ANYONE do? go check it.[/spoiler]

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Aeo, in his post about the auction, Mur began by saying "this one, I play."

I'd like you to think about that for a moment.

Mur's had an idea, and perhaps - perhaps - he didn't think through every angle of it before running with it. He's impulsive like that. Is it absolutely necessary for you to feel personally victimized by a whimsical notion?

And more importantly: is Mur never allowed to play?

I'm the reverse of you in many ways - I am older, I work, and I have spent a fair amount of money on MagicDuel. I don't have (to borrow a phrase from Douglas Adams) a whelk's chance in a supernova of buying any of these items... and I never will. Why? Because my interest in MD is always in different directions. I like fighting, but not merely to win. I like it when fights have some degree of strategy, and even now, with tokens and 6-drac rituals and everything, tactically brilliant fights are still sometimes fought. I like roleplaying, but most roleplaying in MD gives roleplaying a bad name - and I'm not talking about adult-oriented behavior or the pure obnoxiousness of certain immature players. I'm talking about people who get lauded for "roleplaying well" ...who constantly break character and pretty much ruin the illusion of the fantasy world by remaking it in the image of the mundane one. The point is, I don't care about becoming materially wealthy in MD, owning the rarest creatures, hoarding all the inventory items for no apparent reason, or anything like that. This auction is for the people that do. It disgusts you: fair enough. Leave it at that. Personally, I'm amazed at how much silver and how many heavily tokened creatures some people have managed to acquire. I can't be motivated to do the same, period.

I am very sympathetic to many of the things you say, but I feel you have expressed some of your grievances inappropriately and in the wrong place. Because of that, I worry that the genuinely legitimate grievances you have will be lost in the shuffle and cacophony of people shouting "BOO!"

P.S. Dumbstruck is a word, and a good one. :)

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How is this different to a normal auction? Those that can put forward the most money will of course win in the auction.
It is not a flaw of the auction that you cannot afford bidding.
I think it is a great initiative and should be savoured.

That which possibly makes it seem unfair is the high prices the opening bids started at, this was of course a strategic move to eliminate opposition early on, but I feel it was too early too quickly. The minimum starting bid is 1 silver, I would have liked to see it start from that.
I know this was a trial run, but I feel 3 items is too little, and they should be auctioned off sequentially rather than all at once.
There are people who can pay ridiculous prices for the items, the question is if they are willing to do so.
In my experience the objective of the bidder is to aim to spend as little as possible to gain as much as they can (unless of course if for example it is a fundraising auction)
Having more items means those who want to spend extremely high prices, can do so, but it gives those who are unable or unwilling to spend extreme amount a chance compete.

What I do see as a flaw of the auction is the variable valuation. In a noraml auction the difference between $1 and $10 is clear cut. Here it is a judgemental thing where every person values items differently, and it is not clear what the higher bid might be (not in all cases, but I do see a few)
I would like to see the current accepted highest bid updated on ocasion so we know where it stands and can compare to previous bids so we get some indication as to what is considered more valuable.

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