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No Creature On Defense

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i did some things with the help of tankfans, poppi and ansouinc and was able to make this possible, i attacked ansouinc and yeah the defense ritual of ansouinc faced my attacking ritual, but the defnse ritual of ansouinc has no creature, so to be sure i also SS the battle log, and it says there that my creature cant find target. i dont know if i should post how i did the bug thingy coz it might be a spoiler too, i would like to test this during HC coz if im not mistaken, there will be no way for mp4 and mp5 to steal heads if this will be the result coz it will always be 0 - 0.

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im pretty sure i can make that bug i mean, i know how to make it, i just dontknow how to fix it coz i dont know anything about programing and hacking, i think the bug maybe the same, but i guess the procedure we do it is different if its really true that u found this bug 8 months ago ^_^

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well, if you intend to go and spread how to use that, then Mur will have to solve it, if you manage to keep your mouth shut, like generations before you since dst first created an empty rit (if it even was dst... i only know that it was known before i was in this world xD) then we can keep on living with the issue... but i guess you are going to sell that info, too, right? XD

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Well eigger, you do have a reputation of beggar and of a person who would do anything for profit (mostly credits) so don't blame them for accusing you of trying to get something out of this.
You know the procedure for bug reports: when is something that you discover and you know that it is a bug (like the above case) you report to Mur directly (in case you don't trust one of the moderators of the game). But instead of doing that you posted on the forum. Why? No idea but I can speculate:brag, receive some rewards, selling the info.
A consequence of your post is that more players found about it and I bet several already discovered how it is done.
And asking permission to test it during HC? Are you nuts? That only shows how materialistic you are! Shish...

And for players reading this:some time ago Mur places some sort of bounties(or rewards if you like) for players that discover and report bugs. You have no idea what I had to put up with from eigger. He tried to trick me several times, he lied and when confronted he, of course, did not admit anything. That's why I am so skeptical when it comes to eigger and bugs.

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