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Attempted Rp Rape Unpunished

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More than anything, this whole situation makes me sad.

Sad for a number of reasons:

1. For the possibility that redneck really did try to make anybody else uncomfortable.
2. For bringing this up after 4 months. If there is nothing that can be done, why are we still here throwing insults at each other? Is this productive?
3. For the seriousness of the issue at hand, and that we are bringing something that takes away from the purity into MD. MD can never have the same care-free attitude about this, the rule of "do whatever you want, as long as I don't hear" does not work anymore, because it appears that people lack a base sense of morality. Where did we break down?

I feel that sex should never have been brought to MD. Sex, in itself, is not evil, and in many ways I think it is a beautiful expression of human emotion, not something to be shunned or rejected. However, when sex is introduced into a community, a sense of innocence is inevitably lost. We became a more mature society, and with maturity comes the increased capacity to hurt and insult others. The playful innocence that could exist cannot any longer.

But there is no use lamenting what was. From this, I suggest we learn. People have boundaries, it is better to respect those. I admit, I have broken that rule myself before. In addition, next time someone breaks that boundary of comfort, instead of accusing and creating a high-stress situation, which leads to volatile interactions, approach it with a sense of calm. Tell Grido, or someone, report it. A confrontation is tempting, but better avoided.

Common sense allows for the lack of rules. Break those rules, and you lose freedom. That's inevitable.

So - please, I beg you, think twice, think three times, and then avoid dragging this community through the mud. We'd all appreciate it.


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one qurestion if i raped you which i didnt but if i decided to when i was yuoung where the heck did i get the idea? same as dst said when i was young where owuld i get the idea...i was just exploring the wonderous lands of GG and then bam i walk up on you to and yall are back there screwing eachother.......now there needs to be soemthing done about that^^

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People are replying without reading every post.

Grido was told about this the day it happened.

We did not wait 4 months to bring this up to someone!

For some reason it was never investigated and Redneck was never punished.

Right now I am not trying to get Redneck banned, I would like to see him banned, but there is no proof against him.

Right now I am trying to get people to understand that nothing was ever done about this, we reported it and nothing was done.

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Again, read the postS redneck made above...

Also, If you really wanted this investigated then why werent you more foreceful? if something like this happened i would be telling everyone, make a post on the forum, and tell as many high up people as i could.

Not just tell one person and forget about it. Never assume they are working on it, poeple forget easily

I feel you are trying to get grido into trouble because he didnt investigate this for whatever reason. And i dont think you can say you tried hard to get it investigated, Telling one person once is hardly a lot.

I like you both, but if you wanted it investigated, you should have made more of an effort.

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ok so im getting in trouble for rape.....and you and him are back there haveing sick cyber sex and im the one getting in trouble? i think you are the ones that should be looked down upon in MD cause i was young and wondering anround and look what kind of ideas you put in my head...any young person i nthe game like ppl that just started and stuff could easiloy go back to golems mill and see what you where doing and get easily mis lead.....there needs to be soemthing done with you 2^^

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If you want something to be done about the fact nothing was done, Make a new post, because you have said you dont want to focus on the claim of rape, yet everyone is.

So this will be closed, And if you want to complain about grido not doing anything, open another one making your intent clear.

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