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How Do I Do My Job?


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From someone shouting at me recently, thought i'd ask the public opinion of what i'm like at my job as LHO Manager

No talk about what caused me to ask this, but welcome to talk about other things related

LE: I'd appreciate comments, whatever you vote for

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I taunt you every now and then when you don't allow me things like flirting in the cabin or crucifying annoying newbies, but seriously, you do your inquisitor/manager thingy really good when it comes to actual actions that have to be taken, even when the way you talk to your slaves isn't the best at times =P

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I don't have a fing clue! :P but you did help me out when i was starting out, and were quite decent about it, so i suppose that's a thumbs up from me! :))
oh yeah, also what dst said! :P

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As LHO Manager, my only duty is to manage the LHO's, promote, demote, shifts...that's about it...

I have also taken on other, non-official duties of handling player complaints, disputes, banning/jail, people occaisionally report bugs to me, among other things

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Well like Burns said you are awfully mean when it comes to flirting in the Cabin which is negative in my opinion but other than that in the past year you have proven yourself a worthy replacemnt of Jonn. Your job in managing those who help the new players, your ability to be calm in bad situations and do what is best for the well care of the game and its community are few of the things that also gave you certain awards this year, right?

Keep up the good work and let me have my fun in the Cabin with Burns.

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People seem to have voted that i do my job brilliantly, i thank everyone (all voters, not just the ''brilliantly'' ones) for voting.

I shall continue to do my job as i have been doing it up till now.

If at any point anyone has complaints against me, or my actions, please tell me, or if you dont want to, ask someone else, to tell me anonomously from you.

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