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Registration With Seamonkey

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Here's a bug I ran into as I tried to register:
Going to the registration page while using SeaMonkey automatically redirected me to the login page.
I don't think this is a frequent bug, since not many people use SeaMonkey to my knowledge, but I thought I'd point it out.
(Most likely some condition you use on the register page uses a language that isn't understood by all browsers, try browser detection and rewriting the condition as a fix?)

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The redirection on registration leads to the login page (which was confusing, as it gave no explanation); if you have an account and try to login, it does lead to the page where it says to get another browser.
At any rate - as far as I know, SeaMonkey parses code in the same way Firefox does (it's also developed by Mozilla), which is why I found the problem surprising.

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Try to have Seamonkey identify itself as FireFox or some other compatible browser, if it can.
Depending on whether Seamonkey can run the flash/javascript correctly, you might want to simply download another browser.

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[quote name='Rendril' date='29 December 2009 - 07:57 PM' timestamp='1262109442' post='51356']
If you have a memory stick/portable harddrive, install FF/Opera onto it and run the browser directly from there. I find it helps with caching too.
Would seem rather tedious to do (unless you keep them constantly plugged in)

I managed to get the game running using SeaMonkey (followed the identification suggestion), found [url="http://chrispederick.com/work/user-agent-switcher/features/"]this[/url] via Google.

Edit: To those with similar initiative, I wouldn't recommend doing this unless it's the only choice (for some odd, inexplicable reason). It does run on SM, but there are indeed compatibility issues.

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[quote name='blackriderrom' date='29 December 2009 - 08:06 PM' timestamp='1262109981' post='51357']
Would seem rather tedious to do (unless you keep them constantly plugged in)

Keep it plugged in for the duration of your stay at the university/work computer. The computers where I am clear their hardrives on each reset. It is more tedious to re-install a browser every reboot, rather than plug in a memory stick for me.

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the browser check is there because some features don't work well on other browsers than the major ones. Its true this is like that for a very very long time and things both in game and in browsers changed a lot since last time i checked.

I can remove the browser restriction and attempt to do a test again to see how some browsers perform..but i run only ff , ie and safari so if any of you is willing to do a complete test on a different browser, i will need the exact browser headers to allow them for the test.

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