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You know this thread would make a really nice little program to add into a clickable. It could be like in one of my puzzle arcade games where you click one of the numbers and that number is assigned to you. If you pick a number with a winning combination, it will give you the ctc or secret info right then and that number would then not be available to be taken again.

I think this was a really nice idea and I am willing to make a "sign" with numbers to place in a clickable at the goe, and I will even throw in another pimped grassan for people to try to get (maybe some angiens eggs to spice it up a bit as well).

If anyone would like to donate a creature/item/secret message they would like to be given out (with credit) when someone chooses a number I would be happy to add that in as well.

Let me know here if you want to join in and what type of "gift" you would like to donate and you can PM me the specifics (like CTC codes or how you will gift an item for example).



Merry Christmas - This could also be implemented for a secret santa type matchup where each person has a number and places their gift in that number to be chosen.

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The contest is now over.
I will post the winners in a little moment... :P

The gifts that contained anything is:

Grand Prize (179) - Miq
Second prize (29) - No winner
Third prize (101) - No winner
Fourth Prize (80) - No winner
Tiny Prize (144) - Astral

The winners will recieve a pm on forum.

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[quote name='redphoenix' date='27 December 2009 - 01:11 AM' timestamp='1261872663' post='51166']
I'll join in... 111 for me!!! hurray for 111!!

Sorry the contest is over...

Can someone please close this topic so people dont get confused... :D

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This topic is now archived and is closed to further replies.

This topic is now closed to further replies.
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