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Present Shopping - Eye Spy

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Libbon...wait..that's ribbon

Lighter Oh, w8!!! Now i see there's a picture !!! must all these things be INSIDE that PICTURE ??????


[quote name='(Zl-eye-f)-nea' date='15 December 2009 - 03:38 PM' timestamp='1260891530' post='50165']

smarty pants, this isnt MD you know :))
errrmmm forgot what i was going to make up (i mean say!)

Edit : ooo yeh, anyone say rack? (had to write herebecause of letting me post restrictios i never seen before, got my time date stamp thing on it so you know when this go through :)) )

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And the Winner is Z!!!! with [font="Arial Black"][/font][size="7"]ROOM [/size][color="#FF0000"][/color]

As this i intedetd to tell Aster to give away as present the WHOLE ROOM !!! :)))

Edited by Master
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another grasan!? Z!?
im in!
(can you make the word really big master, so that we can use it as end point!?)

(was gonna write, You playing the same game as us sagey, but then didnt wanna be mean :)))

Lol master, ill keep the room thanks, but you cant have all the shite in it :))

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