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Since all of the good ones are already taken i'll try to be original.. 


and for those who don't know what that means...................  

[url="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Philomath"]My link[/url]

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Thanks for you opinions, it gives me a clue about what you think about me :D

I value most of the things you said, BUT the question was placed with one answer in mind and i will reward just that answer. (it doesn't mean i don't value the other things)

Now, the winner

@MRWander ..almost close but not there, sorry. Loyalty to self is not same thing with loyalty as i intended as an answer.
@Fenrir ..i value loyalty in general not only towards md. Your clarification ruined it, sorry.

The winner is [b]redneck[/b] , with the answer "Loyal". Perfect answer was supposed to be "Loyalty".

It is a selfish thing to value. Caring more for loyal people is in a way a self preservation. Loyalty its also a base for honesty but it can also coexist with other good or bad features. One that is loyal, will always be there, good or bad, and that i value most. To share someone failure as well as success means loyalty. Loyalty is a form of love. I asked what i value most on someone not on myself or what should someone value on himself. On myself it would probably be creativity or "self".

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