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Age should be rewarded with WishPoints?  

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Well this is a good and bad idea i suppose

for thoes of us who have not the time to do other quests or spend time trying to
create one.

I voted yes
1 per year of active days other wise i think i would get more :D
as i have been around longer then i have been active.
and a defo NO for alt's

Alts are created to try diffrent things or play diffrent aspects
they are still in essence you the player. (note this refers to the phicial persion)
i can only see alt abouse other wise. we all have one or 2 alts within the realm.

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How about that first free wp comes a certain number of active days AFTER beoming MP5. We need an incentive for those with stunted "growth" to move up. I've earned 3 and caused another 5 to be award

Let me know what you think about having a type of achievement that will give you a wishpoint for active days, without any other requirement. The implications are greater, it will cause a slight infl

[quote name='Metal Bunny' timestamp='1285936122' post='69455'] Of course, I am only saying this because I am slightly more pessimistic towards wp inflation, especially when it's requirements are lowe

[quote name='dst' date='05 December 2009 - 06:38 AM' timestamp='1259959110' post='49143']
I still think 2/year are too many.At least do something like this: 1 in the first year and then 2 for the second/third/etc year.
I voted the 2 year option because the format dst has suggested is the one I really desire. one for the first year, and then another for every half year after that.

I am actually of the opinion that a lot of people use alts as seperate characters, mcvities accounts for example. However, because I know there are a lot of people who would abuse this, especially with staying in MP3/4 to win heads, I voted that there be no awarding to alts.
I can, however, think of another option: Do not award the wishpoints to anyone below MP5. record the number that they should earn, and when they reach MP5 award them, but not until then.

I expect to take years to reach MP5, and I would very much like to get these wishpoints, however I think this solution would help to even things out.

Another way of evening things out and prevent wishpoints inflation would be to limit the number of free wishpoints you can get in some way. Either by an actual hard limit of the maximum number of days they will reward you for, or by giving the free wishpoints a value that only lets them buy half the things in the WP Shop, and keeping the best wishes for real wishpoints (I suggest the first option, as otherwise you get people spending real wishpoints on wishes they could get for "free")

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I like the idea and it should stay as a no for alt as it could be abused however if it turns out as such alts will be abused and you will have to deside where the wishpoint will go to. Too many people might invest in mirror move lock or have a entire vitalian of ghosts moving around the map. I know everybody wants wishpoint and everybody should be able to get them but people spamming about 100 spells a day could turn into a pandemic very quickly.

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I voted yes, 2/year, yes to alts.

I see the potential for abuse, but as most of you know, I play two accounts heavily and invest a lot of energy - roleplay, training, writing, and otherwise - in both of them.

I will play MD regardless of how or whether this marvelous idea gets implemented, and I will almost certainly sink more money into it whenever I have the chance. I won't complain if Tarquinus gets a WP but Keith Moon doesn't. To be honest, I'm glad to have been relieved from RPC duty and basically forced to quest more often. I'd say I'm as engaged with the game as I have ever been, and though I'm not happy with every change every time one is introduced, and though I think there are still many flaws to be addressed in one way or another, I continue to regard MD as one of the most interesting things I have encountered in a long time.

[b]Edited for a typo :D[/b]

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placing a wp at the start of the time frame is important. A new player will not be impressed by the idea that he will get somehting after ONE YEAR of playing, ...they are not sure if they will stay one day at first.

I am also talking about WP directly not WP codes, so transfers are not an issue.
I hope that in this way people will want more, and not consider wp as unreachable anyway. There are many that have none and stoped hoping for one.

Alt checks , if implemented, will be very strict. Only one of the tests for example could be extremely strict, the ip check. If you are in a school or campus, you will never be able to get this reward if someone else got it first. Also the full range of alt checking is quite paranoid, so you will probably not be able to get the reward in many cases when the system things you are in any way related to the other account.

Its big question, should alts be developed as separate characters (so yes get the wp) or should they be considered alts as they are? .. If there were not all these people that have alts to cheat or swarms of alts, this situation would be totaly different.

AGE, in md, is the strongest sign of loyalty towards MD. You could be the worst character around, if you have a lot of age and you are still around and not baned, it means you are loyal to MD. You might not be loyal to its people, thats an other thing, but you are here and that counts. At least thats how i always felt about active days.

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Im a new player and i very much like this idea. Quests seem really hard for a casual player, they just seem to require so much time to attain a wp. There should be easier ways to get wps, for now they just seem inaccessible but to the experienced player that can devote a lot of time..I have a friend that is playing for six months now and hes still unable to get one. Its really frustrating..

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ah good point @rhaegar, but i must admit that in here is just like ya said, keeping up your own alt with age, especially if ya have bunch of them is hard, unlike dst's alts since she inherited them from real players... 1 wp on alt means almost nothin, with 1 wp in shop ya cant get anythin good, at least in mine opinion but this opens up broken pattern wp in consideration, and if age wp is placed at start... huh then yes we have problem

i voted 1 wp per year and yes to alts, but now i see it as problem of a kind... so idk

this will obviously create wp inflation in mine mind, maybe to look for some other alternatives to motivate young ones and keep loyalty of vets?

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[quote name='Yrthilian' date='04 December 2009 - 02:46 PM' timestamp='1259959600' post='49144']
Alts are created to try diffrent things or play diffrent aspects
This is a good point that people seem to have forgotten. Alts are allowed for experimentation and exploring different aspects, right? What if one of your characters is an RP character, while the other is a fighter that you've been training since day 1? You'll want different things from the WPShop for each of them. The big question is: Are people [u]responsible[/u] enough to handle it? Why should everyone be set back for a few people abusing alts?

I voted yes, with 2 each 2 years (1 per year would be best, I think) and originally no for alts, but I'd change now if I could :/

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Now that there are lots of options for spending wp giving a few out every year doesn't seem to be such a big issue. It is also possible for Mur to create more wishpoint rewards so that there are new things people can use their wishpoints on.

I personally know that it is hard to both do quests and make them. When I earned most of my wishpoints I wasn't making quests and recently I have just been giving lots of wishpoints out. But I am out of wishpoints to gift so maybe it is time to go back and try to get a few more. It is kind of annoying the debug account kicked me out of the top 2-3.

I am still looking forward to new wishpoint categories to spend some of those hard earned wp's on.



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I voted Yes, 2 , and something else. I have two mp5 accounts and I may not be all that active in all of my alts/main, but I play them as separate entities. I try not to have them conflict with each other and I do not abuse them. But if this system is based on the ip then I think the "User" should have a choice as to what character, that meets the requirements, gets the WP. So if I have two characters that meet the requirement then I think I should be able to choose who gets it. And next time if another wp is given out I would like to be able to choose if the other character can get it instead. I do not know if any of my accounts has reached the year mark yet... I do not think I should be able to choose a character that does not meet the age requirements.

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i like the idea allot and because i m greedy i chosen 2wp/year
1 should be given on the player's birthday (the day hi/she registered)and the second on Christmas as a present to the players

but i do not want alts to get them - this will make things to collapse (abuses will be more frequent)

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Everyone Loves Wishpoints.

Its what sets characters apart, and one of the main ways that this game is Different from others. Something Hard yet possible to achieve by doing things other then point and click. I like the amount of wishpoints being kept low, as it makes you feel VERY happy when you get one, and makes a great reward for hardwork.

I voted for None, shouldnt be given out for age and something else, i guess because i dont believe they should be given out.

I agree with fenrir, that they could be special WP or maybe even a different name, and do a small selection of the things available to do, maybe be another factor in buying Advanced Wishpoint selections, like the 4 needed for clickables. Say they could be called Golden Mark's or somthing, and say for umm changing name location, you would need activity days "golden marks" as well as spent/unspent WP.
They could be used like fenrir said, to make some options available, and others.. like Dream Joker and special things that are transferable not available that way.

Also i like what Yoshi said, but instead of making One WP available after the shop is open, 60 days, have a one time special WP bonus, after another 40 days(100 in total), something the character can work towards after making the shop available. So when they realise what the WP are for, they could at least have 40 days, to search and gain one the normal way, by questing or debugging or whatever. And also take time to make the right decision and Know whats the best for them, instead of wasting it on something stooopid as soon as the shops open and regreting it.

i think that like you guys said, New people might Need something to feel happy about at the start of the game, but im not taken in by that, i dont think that they will appreciate what it means to have one, if they can just get it by playing umm only "half of the game" and Not looking to play it in a creative, scientific, or something deeper kind of way, which i believe is what the game values itself on and makes it unique, holding a kind of mystery and intruigue which spell binds us and keeps us hooked.

la la la so yeh um, KEEP wishpoints low petition group hiring now :P

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