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Age should be rewarded with WishPoints?  

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Let me know what you think about having a type of achievement that will give you a wishpoint for active days, without any other requirement.

The implications are greater, it will cause a slight inflation of wp, especialy for the 50 days option that most fulfill.
Wp are ment to be achieved by special merits so to say, i think age shows something even if its not a quest or a puzzle.

What about farming alts for age , you get aged creatures and now also wishpoints, ideas, ways to avoid that? I am planning to add some very strict ways but it could be extreme.

This idea can be made real fast, its something i started to work on but i stoped now to create this poll to see what you think about it first. If its not gonna win, maybe there are alternatives, if not, i'll focus on something else.

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How about that first free wp comes a certain number of active days AFTER beoming MP5. We need an incentive for those with stunted "growth" to move up. I've earned 3 and caused another 5 to be award

Let me know what you think about having a type of achievement that will give you a wishpoint for active days, without any other requirement. The implications are greater, it will cause a slight infl

[quote name='Metal Bunny' timestamp='1285936122' post='69455'] Of course, I am only saying this because I am slightly more pessimistic towards wp inflation, especially when it's requirements are lowe

I like the idea, since I don't really do many quests, the age this would allow me to at least get a few wishpoints

I think it should be limited to the highest aged account per ip though, since with my current alts I could get alot of wp's and I'm sure there are others who could do the same

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WP's for alts would be nice because many quests are not alt friendly. Maybe 2 a year for the main and 1 a year for alts.

Perhaps a non-transferrable code could be placed on age earned wp's. (edited)

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I like the idea, exspecially for people who find it harder to solve quests. giving them the oppertunity to use wishpoints. and 4 each year, if you do quests you will defently get more. but how many wishes are possible? you shoulden't get to much. otherwise the whole idea of doing quests if futile..

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i also like the one per year version... sounds nice =)

about alts: are there ways to draw a line between active and inactive alts?
there are a few people who play more than one character and who'd deserve them on both/more in case, others who actually play one and use more accounts for various reasons, and some who just happen to have alts without using them at all, like name-protection-alts, alts to use when their main is stuck in rp and such, who should defintely not get them...

if that's not possible, or no nice idea on how to draw the line is found (i guess that appearance on friend-lists might be an indicator, but not a very good one, or number of PMs... :/ ), i'd rather wish to see them limited per person even though they are not transferable... mutations are, access to places is the same value on main and alt, and the spells can be cast from other accs, too, so it's too abusive for alts to have free WPs imo

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The ideea is great ! Yes , the age should be rewarded with something more than just a diamond lol:)

About the alts .... idk ... it's tricky ... but i say yes ....On speical occasions checkes can be made to prevent cheating.

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[quote name='dst' date='04 December 2009 - 06:45 PM' timestamp='1259948740' post='49105']
1/365 should be enough. More will definitely lead to abuses.
And no alts.


I recommend the giveout day to be either Christmas, or the anniversary of MD, or the person's birthday.

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WP's can already be farmed by alts because of the broken pattern gazebo reward, but since they can't be transfered it is limited effect.
1 per year is sufficient, it would take extreme tenacity just to bring an alt to a year of age only to try get a WP on it.
It is great it alts can be prevented from it, but there are some alts with roles and purpose that are going on 2 years already, and they deserve the WP as much as the main account.

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I think this is great... small amount of WPs won't hurt anyone (not even your highscore Dst, *winks*)

@Lib: they can be abused, for example you have 2 characters, and you wont and item, but you also want an ability (both things wanted for your main), solution for alt abuser: gather materials, transfer to alt, use them to create an item, transfer back to main. Main uses WP for desired ability in WP shop. OR alt uses some of his WPs gained to gain clickable access, so your main can spare his WP on a spell or whatever... or both get clickables so they can do 2 edits on one item :) when it comes to abusing, there is no limits... but take me for example, even if I knew some exploits with something I already have, I would be too lazy to use them or i just wouldn't consider it worthy of possibility to get banned. Fair play :)

WPs to mains, Crusade on alts! (how ever you plan to do that Mur...good luck :D)
Or WP to both but low amount of WP rewards... hmmm... feeling to greedy at the moment, so I chose 4 WPs per 2 years

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I voted YES on age, loosely went voting for 4WP over time (given lack of closer option) and casted a first vote on "something else" which i consider the most important question. I really like the idea behind the game, i respect the view on Wish Points being something really special, and it so far is working well as such. I personally still don't have one, and i am looking forward to EARNING one (like a little nerd, one that wears helmet when going to school).
Wish Point rewards for age are a must. If you get one for being good at math or logic, imagination or art, charm or storytelling, you certainly deserve one for your mere presence in this game. Because you're no idiot obviously, your presence will give something good to game and people in it. This game is about something good, and it surely needs to gather 'quality' of playerbase. Why not say it - have a high standard.
How often in this case rewarding should occur is easy. Lift the first step higher, 3, 4, maybe 6 months. Give one for each year after that (because it's unwise to lessen the reward with increase of 'loyalty'). You already have those activity-stripes reach maximum after a year, as well you have people with a lot of Wish Points who don't do anything, or at least anything wrong to my knowledge (all check the 'WishPoints Top').
Muratus del Mur, you already have so called 'alts' that you allowed. Let them be. They gather age? They will cast spells? So what? It will take you seconds to learn of some idiot really ruining the game and deal with it, then return to what ever important work you are doing. Worked so far. Then again, i will recall the recent RPC change/removal, which is related. If you KNOW, any one of you reading this, people who can HANDLE the power of multiple accounts or simply being powerful, why not reward them? Already have those King accounts and such, but my vote also goes to those multiple account 'mean' players that can make the game experience better. You need bad guys, you know you do.
TO CHEWETT - What would/could you do? You know that you can 'screw the system up'? Slightly? Will you do it?
Now i miss having not a Wish Point, so i can actually realize the potential for abuse.

Don't you guys have a quorum or something that makes these kinds of decisions in under 30sec?

- simple reminder - you already can acquire number of Wish Points without really earning them.

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hehe Of course i have chosen for MAx Wish points
But how do we decide which one is the Main account. because some would like to have A as their main and some B so It would be great if the players decide the main account and let only those main account receive it. Plz no ALTS hehe. Finally a chance to reduce EXP down to Zero hehehe I love it....hehehe

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Princ, I gain probably the most from the first option (4wps/2 years) and/or alts. I have my main and one of my alts on that list. And the alt has over 500 AD.

I agree that loyalty must be rewarded somehow. But WPs are supposed to be something special. They might become trivial if too many can be gained in this way. I prefer to see an ACTIVE player not one that logs in just to gain his/her age and not playing at all.
Not to mention that the first option helps more the players under 1 year. Because the next WP you get is when you have 2 years. Of course, in case it will be implemented like it is written now. And yes, I noticed the "or similar" :D.

@Magir Dracum: I am the first in the WPs top list.
What's with the below statement?
[quote]you have people with a lot of Wish Points who don't do anything[/quote]
Am I supposed to do certain things? And if yes, what? Cause I really don't get it...

Edited by dst
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damn.. cant beleve it!!!! there is a chance that even me will get this WP!!!!!

s quite intresting how many people have just ticked 4 per year and allow alts just to get more wishpoints

if i look at my accounts if my alts could get them i would have... 30+ wishpoints

Now that would screw the system up slightly.

i also agree with the chewet that it may screw the system.. maybe its better to give something else beside WP...

Edited by fiju
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I voted for;
2 per year
No alt.

Although, i have an issue with players(as well as alts) who log on purely for AD, getting WP's. They havent actually done anything to deserve that WP, whereas players who have been active in game for those days have contributed in rp/fighting/talking etc. So unless there could be some sort of logged in time requirement for it to increment, i'm not sure.

Personally i'd find it quite amusing to have a clock telling me the total time i'd been logged in, say starting midnight Jan 1st or something, and seeing how long i'd spent on MD throughout the year, and then you could base the WP's off that, how active a player has been through the year, this would generally ensure that people who log in their alts purely for the AD would be harder pressed for the alt to be considered active, as the timer would be down, and it would also balence out those people who are extremely active during the weekend, but cant always make it on during the day.

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