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Calling All Archivists!

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Since pample’s departure, the position of master archivist has been open and our guild seems to have lost some purpose, I don’t know if the members of the guild have noticed this but I know some people outside the archivists I’ve talked to have.

That’s why I would like to put myself forward for the position and I recommend anyone else who wants to do so does the same, then we can put a vote on the forum or see if mur would be interested in making an election for us.

I propose that whoever is elected to the position should do all they can to revive the archivists and restore their former glory, we are a writers guild, and as such we should write!

Now on to my personal proposal for the post:

Why me?

- The Longest serving archivist, been around since Renavoid was master archivist
- Good experience of setting up in game initiatives such as the newspaper and the end of year awards
- Excellent experience of writing, both in game and out having written for the newspaper in game and as a scriptwriter out of game.
- Good reputation and well known figure within the realm.

What do I plan to do?

- Revive faith and interest in the archivists.
- Get the adventure log going again.
- Renew interest in the archives website.
- Reinstate the story nights started by pample.
- Make sure all archivists have a purpose.
- And ultimately get people interested in writing and role playing.

I want to save the archivists from going the same way as the artisans, I don’t know if that’s on the cards or not but it’s better to be safe than sorry, right?

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before anything else : you failed in keeping an up-to-date newspaper... what would change that?

Logging in everyday to keep the active days and idle?

Entering from time to time on forum or in game and trying to catch up ?

I am sorry but i find this revolting... the only one who made the archivist job and master archivist job is Awii and i think we all agree on this.. at least because of him we had calendar, memories and man other things .. not because of the others. (and i am speaking about present, not things from 1-2 years ago. )

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[quote name='Gargant' date='02 December 2009 - 05:35 PM' timestamp='1259768133' post='48907']
What do I plan to do?
- Revive..
- Get the adventure..
- Renew interest..
- Reinstate..
- Make sure..
- Get people..

It is a lovely plan, my friend, but people are
more interested on HOW are you going to do all that,
instead of WHAT are you planning to do.
That is, to avoid the feeling that all that are just campaign promises :P

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The Archivists have lost their purpose, and while a leader may help, I do not believe Gargant is the right person for the task. In fact, in my opinion, there are very few people within the realm that may be up to it, and most do not seem interested.

[quote]Why me?

- The Longest serving archivist, been around since Renavoid was master archivist
- Good experience of setting up in game initiatives such as the newspaper and the end of year awards
- Excellent experience of writing, both in game and out having written for the newspaper in game and as a scriptwriter out of game.
- Good reputation and well known figure within the realm.[/quote]
Gargant, while he may be able to bring [i]some[/i] of the life back to the Archivists, has been relatively inactive recently. And as for being around since Renavoid was Master Archivist, so have I. I will not question his reputation, because he has a good reputation, at least among most of the veterans who remember when he was more active.

So while I do not think Gargant would be the ideal leader, we, the Archivists (of whom there are a meager three to four members currently) certainly need direction. Perhaps a leader is the only way to achieve this, but maybe we should try something else first. Recruitment could help. Not only would it result in new ideas, but part of the problem I have when trying to accomplish something related to Archivist business is that alliance chat is not the best means of detailed communication. The Archivists have no private subforum and we are often not around at the same time (numbering 3 (4?) and all).

On a sidenote:

- Revive faith and interest in the archivists.[/quote]
Very good plan, but also quite difficult. Interest requires output, but output is hard when we are striving for exact neutrality (refer to Pamplemousse's old [url="http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/3682-impending-land-war/"]topic[/url]). I agree that neutrality is fairly important, but it cannot be allowed to hamper our productivity. However, at the same time, there are those who have already voiced concern over our purported bias.

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To be fair Garg, you are pretty busy and i dont think you will have time to run the archivests, What are you doing for the archivists at the moment?

The newspaper is behind most months, and Grido is doing a lot of work on that, So im not entirely sure where you will find the time to run the archivests and the paper.

I think one of the younger members of the archivests should have a chance.

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I too would like to step forth to be considered for the position.

Rekindling the interest in not only the Archivists, but in archiving, is
my primary interest at present. I have already taken steps to do so by
completely rennovating the bookshelves in the archives, in an effort to both
increase interest in coming to read the archives and inspiring more authors.

Additionally, I have been discussing the matter of creating a quest run by
the archivsts with my fellow members to promote a community spirit by giving
the need to do research and speak to others. Currently the quest is still in
development but planned to be in the finishing stages for the new year.

Admittedly, the Archivists are few, thus my intention is to bring more members
to the alliance. However, one is not required to be in the Archivists in order
to produce an article. There has been positive feedback from the community
regarding the new bookshelves and I have already been approached by people
interested in submitting work, be it for quests or simply to add to the archives.

[quote name='Akasha' date='02 December 2009 - 06:08 PM' timestamp='1259770125' post='48911']
the only one who made the archivist job and master archivist job is Awii and i think we all agree on this..
I agree that Awiiya is most suitable for the position, but from what I heard he declined the offer.

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Okay to respond to all of this.

1. The newspaper is behind by months because there is nothing worth writing about, if there were then the writers would write.
2. Akasha, how DARE you suggest that I only log in now and again, I log in every day for at LEAST two or so hours, just because YOU don't see me doesn't mean that I am inactive. You find ME revolting? I find the fact that you decide to attck me so blatantly without getting all the facts straight revolting. It's actions like this that cause people to leave the game.
3. Awiiya did decline the offer, as did innocence, so maybe i'm not a perfect candidate, but then nobody is. Surely it is better to have some kind of leadership than to be running around like a bunch of headless chickens.
4. Chewett I think that the paper and the archivists could be interspersed,

Perhaps myself and rendril could approach the task between us.

I think between the two of us we could rekindle the fire of the archivists and bring direction back tot he guild.


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Hmm...i know a lot of subjects that the MDNP omitted...you can't tell me that you stooped working on the MDNP because there is nothing important of your time, mister to write about it...a newspaper, with true journalists [u]always [/u] finds something interesting to write about.

I attack since i see the MDNP that is your job to keep it up-to-date and monthly not being so, because i see you wanting something thou you can't accomplish those things, but you desire to...
And the people who leave because of true facts...are welcome from my part to do so..if they are here because of the drama and to take part of the drama, what can i say.. there is the emo songs and sites :P

It is not about leadership but mostly about what have you done, how active you are, how dedicated you can be, and how much you like what you do, not what title you can get.
The one jumping around like chickens, to me, are not the ones that done things and admitted they are not able to accomplish what it is requested from them, because they have some other things to do, or simply because there is not enough time for it.

The paper .. i always saw the paper an independent one..not bound to an ally/land/friend..anything...because then we would have the subjectivity and objectivity , but when a human is implied, indeed you can't expect neutrality .

I think that you can be active on the issue for 2 days, beginning of the month or the end of it and then leave it to the others. It is easy, indeed to give orders and wait for things to happen.

Again, i am like this, angry on you, because of what a wonderful paper could have been, if you would have been active and had the reporters spread all over MD watching interesting subjects...(I don't mean the pregnancy stupidity that you are about to write an article about)

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A rather inrelevant question to this topic but I feel it is a good way to get an answer. Who is in charge right now for the MD Archives site? I was looking at it today and ever since Awiiya left the Archivists I see no new entries in there, nor I can find someone to ask if I need permission to post something or not. Do not get my question as an attack, I am merely asking for someone to point me to the right direction to have some things I have in mind done.

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ya all tell me if archies get assembled again.... wot would they do? cmon really... i think that archies have no more job, every land leader would want his own man to write history of land and not some outsider, its clear that archies never were objective they were always praising one side (depending on writer), mda site is... well inactive nothin up in there, is there anythin useful to write anymore? since happenings in md are regular if any, too few player to organize anything outstanding, inner magic and principal talks dont exist anymore or is only in closed groups, al is paused, and as i said every land manages its own records, so wot work is left for archies?

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[quote name='Akasha' date='02 December 2009 - 08:15 PM' timestamp='1259784909' post='48956']
Who can update and approve the articles- site managers (alphabetical, how i find them in the admin interface ) : Me :D , Chew, Inno , Mur, Rendril, Tarquinus,

And im taking backups of the site every month so we have copies should the worst happen.

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Even better Akasha, thank you very much.

And Liberty, I will disagree with you. The Archivists is an alliance/guild with purpose and I find many reasons to have them back on track. We do need people who wish to dedicate their time into documenting MD facts. And there are plenty and useful ones that should be recorded and showed to the public.

If you want somethings to return back on the spotlight like inner magic and principles, instead of whining that they are not in the interest of people why don't you try and change that? Why don't you do something to get people's interest back? And the Archivists will be motivated to write something about it as well.

And not just that. We also have the calendar, someone does need to finish with it. Who is better than this than an Archivist to continue the unfinished work? That will give them something to work and write upon.

Whoever gets in charge of the Archivists is not my main concern here, but instead what will that person do to have this alliance functioning properly based on what their name inquires.

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About the calendar...

In the last month Awii sent to me, we spoke about including the AL events / dates, make it with a MD feeling not only outside. The AL was supposed to be the official one, wrote by Mur... The Order will take this task and make a list of the AL events for the calendar, will be submitted to me ..so whoever has any ideas regarding this subject or similar/ magic events please, i wait your pm's, thank you.

Also, we should all start using the md-archives, it is a site dedicated to all of us , not for the archivies ally only , but to archive our achievements.

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no peace, i wont be the one to do it, when did ya saw me last time ingame? i dont have time and that made me pretty inactive in md, mine time in md is almost at end, well actually its over for quite some time already... all i do for last 1-2 months is check forums and login for active days, thats it, i will stay till xmas just becoz i really really love md xmas :D and after that its good bye for me

so if i dont actually do anything about that matter and i just whine around, well its better to say wots goin wrong than to be silent, dont ya think so?

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For those of you who are mud slinging here you may not have noticed that this post was for other candidates to post their intention to run.

So far all i've seen is myself, rendril and a whole lot of people arguing and a wave of criticism aimed at me for wanting to change something that we agree needs changing.

Akasha, the other reason that the paper is not going well is because it is voluntary, people will only write if they want to, or have time to. I cannot force them to write, I write a couple of stories myself, but to expect me to write the whole thing is ludicrous.

Anyway the point is, how are we going to decide the new master archivist?

I appear to have lost favour with a lot of people, and so I apologise for wanting to actually DO something rather than sitting around talking about it, saying "We should do this" then waiting for someone else to go and do it.

Does anyone else want to anounce candidacy?

Edited by Gargant
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What I'm curious about is why the concept of 'giving someone a chance' doesn't apply here. Gargant you have done quite a lot for the community I think, and I do not believe you deserve this kind of treatment simply for making a helpful suggestion.

Edited by Amoran Kalamanira Kol
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[quote name='The Great Pashweetie' timestamp='1285364948' post='69053']
Hello, id like to join the Archivists :P, although im not shure if this is where you sign up...
It isn't, but it certainly worked to get our attention.
I'm a LEgend Speaker, which is a specialised branch of the Archivists, I would suggest talking to Innocence to join the Archivists proper. She can normally be found in the MDA, often around the balcony above the great hall.

Mods, since this topic isn't really relevant anymore, any chance you could close this topic?

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