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Christmas Card Exchange

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Hard to believe that there are only 40 days till Christmas! Where has the year gone? I am in card sending mood this year and would like to exchange cards with those of my friends here in Magic Duel.

For security and your safety, I ask that those who wish to participate, please send me an email, private message in game or the forum and I will send you my address. Please do not give out addresses to others without getting their permission.

[b]Update: The Response has been wonderful! I need to buy some more Christmas Cards! WOO HOO!

[color="#FF0000"]Cards Received from[/color]: Shemhazji - Poland, Kets from Texas, Assira the Black, Handy Pockets,Thannhauser from Australia who didnt leave his game name, Capital - Canada Nice Job on the parchment! I particularly was impressed with the wax stamp on the back.

i took the liberty of editing this and suggesting a general event of this kind. i think This is an awesome idea and such card sharing would be something many would love. Imagine getting card from allover the world, because md has ppl from alover the world. Thank you Sagewoman for coming with this wonderful idea. I will add a default PM flag to motivate others to do this too.

General ideea is to send something back for each something you receive, anyone can exchange cards, just the start to actualy do it is difficult :D, so everybody move your lazy a** and do it, pick someone from MD and propose a card exchange, it will be fun.[/b]

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you never know. Even if address is something that can be found out quite easy if you want to, i don;t want anyone to get in trouble or receive any requests to ban anyone later. I already receive phonecalls from paranoid parents that think MD is affecting their kid education or so and want me to prevent them from playing, so, ask permission if you are not legaly allowed to do it .... If other reasons prevent you from sharing cards, i realy wish to find a way to help. Long range cards could cost a lot its true, but local post is quite cheap even for a kid. If you have money to buy a cola you can do that too, if you dont have money to buy a cola, you could send a handwritten piece of simple paper, if you get my point....

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My issue is that i dont know the majority of players well enough to "trust" them with my address, i dont have a clue if they'd do something dodgy with it (also why i dont list my address anywhere else on the internet).

If there was some way to do it without having to give out my address then i'd love to, but otherwise, i dont feel comfortable to.

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And it was just a suggestion, if you realy dont want to , dont do it, idea is to feel good about it.
The probability that someone in lets say filipine will spend thousands of dollars to come to your door to beat you to death is much more remote than a truck running over you inside your home. The address you give yourself, its not public, you can pick only people from far far away places and that you know in game for a long time. But again, its your choice and if you dont feel good about it, then simply dont do it, its much better you dont than to have nightmares after you did.

My address is public for 10 years and i placed myself into lots of troubles but so far i never got to use the flamethrower i keep next to my door. only trouble i had was from people i already knew, in same town and country...

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Greetings to each and everyone.

First of all, I want to say that this Card giving is one awesome Xmas idea/event for all the MD people. You receive series/various kinds of Christmas cards from all over the world (most especially cards from foreign countries with messages written from their own language aside from english - a good thing for collectors). And I think I will be participating in this event.

Now I can send some Christmas Rock and Roll Cards to anybody. (And in return if somebody would send some to me, I would see something on my mailbox when I come home a week before christmas.)

Rock and Roll Guys!

\m/ -----> This Topic is marked by the Rockistah Sign!

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i would love to do this, please contact me for my home address and give me yours (if you trust me and know me in game!), think i should have a look see how much it costs to send things abroad!! x

(but then again if im going to give you my home address you may as well have me facebook account x)

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Could always send an e-card. Many of us have our email address in our info. If someone wants to receive a card but not give their address, send an e-card. Merry Christmas! Happy Kwanzaa! Happy Hanukkah! Happy Holidays!

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