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Alliances Treated Like Objects

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I meant to post this slightly off topic response on the caretakers takeover topic, but alas it is removed before I can hit "post". Nevertheless, this is a problem that has been bugging me for quite a while, so I guess I'll go ahead and post it on a separate topic.


Is it just me, or does alliances often get treated like an object in MD? Sure, alliance can be "taken" due to the system, but honestly? Aren't people tired of these kind of attitude towards alliances? Say, a group of people were part of an alliance, then the alliance gets taken over and they got kicked out. They still gather together for a same cause and calls themselves by that name, should the real badge count that much?

Regardless of the reasons behind them, isn't it better if alliances are treated more like a symbol of a group of people banding together, and not objects? Savelites, Knights of the Bell, Seal of Six, now the Caretakers, all had their share of takeovers by people not previously involved in the alliance. I'd understand a mutiny done by a member of the alliance, but outsiders taking it over like it is a trophy that anyone who wants to try can take away?

Sure, as it is, I cannot really blame what has happened, because alliance badges are easily passed over right now, and takeovers can often help you achieve your goal in the current system. It is as much the fault of the system and circumstance as it is the fault of the people. But really, doesn't anyone feel that it is time for us to view alliances in a more respectable manner and stop treating it like an [i]object[/i]?

/end of rant

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Not sure what you mean here Udgard

I do strongly agree with you that an alliances represent people who band together under a common cause and symbol. But it is that symbol of the cause that causes the trouble. We're all human so symbols to us represent something important, no matter what the true contents are, only the connotations. If there was any other way to somehow attach that symbol to those truly loyal to the cause more permanently to its members or make it more difficult for a takeover I'm sure it would be done. Right now we have a numerical "Alpha Dog" system in place where high number wins and has absolute say. Maybe if there was a more democratic vote system with a certain percentage of votes needed to kick / recruit a member or vote weighing system within alliances this could settle issues, but who knows, I'm still new to this whole Alliance business :D


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That is certainly true Azrael, and that is why I am ranting. The numerical alpha dog system makes real loyalty and involvement "useless" in the system, and even the most loyal can be kicked out by a new usurper (that totally was unrelated to the alliance before) who has more loyalty points. The current system makes alliance badges work like a crown, that someone can snatch away anytime. But in reality, an alliance is the group of people who are in it and work for its goals, and not the new group of who-knows-who led by someone who just stole the ownership of the badge. If the alliance name is alliance "A", then the real alliance A is the same old group of people, and not the new group. My rant is how people disrespect the fact that badges should stay with the real members of the alliance, and not treated as an object due to the current system, and be tossed around like it has been. Sure, the current system allows that, but doesn't people feel it is time to stop treating badges like toys and let them stay with their rightful owners? An alliance is a group of people banding together for the same cause, not the group of people who just wears the badges.

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