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Planning Of American Beer Meeting

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Why should the Romanians be the only ones to drink beer and plan things behind the scenes? I think it is only Fair and Just that American players have their own meetings. Heck, we'll even invite the Canadians! Bring your passports. X D

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Alright. I propose that EACH Region on the USA map to plan their own Magic Duel meeting. The Mid-West represents the state of Missouri and those on her borders like Illinois, Okalahoma,Iowa, Kentucky,Kansas,Tennessee and Arkansas might want to join in.

I will be the liaison for Missouri. As far as I know, Windy and I are the only ones who are in the game from this state.

This year is almost at a close and the holidays are on the way. I propose that those interested to please get with me so this can be planned for a future date in the Summer of 2010.

Please do not share phone numbers or addresses in the forum. Those should be sent via private message.

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I'm in florida and don't have much money or time ever, so im afraid that's too far for me for some beer :( sorry :( also i know there are a ton of players from Texas... i doubt it's any more reasonable but it is closer to me (and my family which i have a good chance of visiting over winter vacation :D

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[quote name='Akasha' date='08 November 2009 - 12:27 PM' timestamp='1257704844' post='46978']
I am sorry i needed to edit the description because it is not the First annual meeting ... if you have doubts check forum history for other meetings :D I say it is first american meeting.

Have fun

Thank you O Wise One. You are right. :blink:

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[quote name='capital' date='11 November 2009 - 02:28 AM' timestamp='1257928096' post='47196']
appreciate the invite but im sure you dont want us canadians drinking you under the table anyhow ;)

I am 42 yrs old, a military veteran and live in Budwiser country. I'm calling your bluff, punk. :))

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