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Principles Protection Union

Our unions propose it to protect our principles from people that attack our members with principles damaging rituals. By joining our group you can become part of protective cooperation that deals only with principles attacks on our members. Our group is not part of any alliance but we contain people from many other alliances. We are not related to wars between different alliances. We have few rules that each member must follow in order to join and remain a member in PPU.


1. Do not attack members of this union with principle damaging rituals.

2. Do not attack strong and veteran players with principle damaging rituals unless they attacked you or they are in our black list.

3. Report players that attacked you with principle damaging rituals and they will get added to our black list and will get mass attacked with principles damaging rituals until he will contact our leaders and resolve his status.

4. If you are in other group that deals with principle damaging rituals and want to disscuss relations with us contact with our leaders.

5. Train units that damage principles, and help PPU by attacking our black list.

6. You must write in our black list at the top: Member of PPU. Before attacking anyone with principle damaging rituals you have to check his black list and verify that he is not our member.

7. Only strong players with good principles damaging rituals will be allowed to join. In order to join people of PPU will vote if you can or can not join our union.

8. Players that will use our tag "PPU member" without authorization (not real members), will get in the black list!

9. To join PPU you must obey our union rules, any discrimination of the rules will follow reproach and after second time kick.

for more info contact with me by pm

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the problem i see with this is the "strong" people who you are allowing into your group will already be able to protect their principles by first round kills

Which means that they wont need this. I think its a good move to let them do this, since its so useful to keep it balanced

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Problem is, strong people with large principles cannot "retaliate" to weaker people who drain principles by draining them back.. Because you'll lose principles when you atk people with less principles anyways. At least, that's what I think will be a problem with this.

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Really the problem is that half of the players love the new introduction and half dont

As i said again, Any "strong" player can put up an unbeatable rit and kill any attackers in one round, so they wont lose principles.

The weaker people love the chance to make it more even and the stronger ones hate having to stat gain and not just level principles and buy tokens to get stronger.

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Strong people will need protection for their principles, and I mean strong (veterans) and people that also have good amount of stats. Everyone got principles that he didn't train at all (can not be gained) so he can use his unattainable principles for attacking people that do have them..... The black list will also tell players principles and recommendation on which one to attack the best.

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