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New Archer Abilities

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[quote name='Neno Veliki' date='09 November 2009 - 09:35 PM' timestamp='1257802532' post='47117']
while creature with this ability is needed to balance principals or whatever the reason for creating that ability is, i dont think the archer is the right creat for that. one thing is that archer is basic creature that is used a lot by new players and with this change new players lost perfectly good damage/weaken creature.
draining ability is interesting at higher mp levels where the principal stats are bigger but at low mp this kind of ability has really low effect.
so maybe the better choice would be to create a new creature with that ability or giving that ability to some other more suitable not basic creature (for example unholy priest, drain ability suits him better than it suits archer by my oppinion) and leave the archers as they were.
if anyone asks me i would prefer the "new creature in the realm" scenario the best..
I'll agree with Neno on this. Dark/Heretic archers have always been a starting creature, one of the 6 basic creatures (or usually 5) that new players have access to, especially during the crucial MP3 stage where gaining even 100+ of a principle is almost impossible. Rather than modify this already helpful creature and changing it to a creature whom would only benefit higher MP levels, I like Neno Veliki and many others would prefer a new creature with the same abilities as the current archer or quite possibly a replacement for the old archer we all love. In my opinion tampering with an old creature wasn't a particularly good idea, it just limited the use of the perfectly good beginner creature.

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You cannot please everyone. Not to mention that having 5k wins on archers is pure grinding. Shall I remember you all that grinders are not welcomed in MD? I have been told that every single occasion.

to me archer doesnt gives even principals when sacked while others creats do, and archer has really a lot of xp, also no temp and no perm stats, its just like angien lol

I am looking forward to so many grievous and frustrated complaints. But you have to realize, this game is always under development and things can change, abruptly, on the fly It's why I like it so

sorry for the posts....

and now i saw..that the target is not the only problem with archers ...the power of chaos archer is 25 now...and was 80 ..and the other evolutions of acher has the same problem and they have different target "random "...

i am only comuniccating problens....
can i begin to make pictures of new cretures too?....when i begin the vacation maybe?

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[quote name='baiano' date='11 November 2009 - 10:11 PM' timestamp='1257945069' post='47202']

and now i saw..that the target is not the only problem with archers ...the power of chaos archer is 25 now...and was 80 ..and the other evolutions of acher has the same problem and they have different target "random "...



Announcement:[2009-11-08 17:21:08 - Alpha 9]

Dark/Chaos Archer set to do damage (normal and based on personal stats) while some work will be dne on the draining ability. This is a temporary state of the archer and will not remain so. I recomand you do not sell or sacrifice your archers untill their abilities will be announced as final.

I hope this answers your question..

Oh, and DA3 still have no target
EDIT: After their ability was changed back, I mean...

Edited by Redd
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well, actually the targeting is not as much of a problem as the absence of weaken, which is unargueably handy for newbies, and the stats that don't really go that well with the ability...
You know, people don't buy archers anymore, it's a useless crit... give it a use again? please?

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[quote][color="#cccccc"][2010-05-27 00:52:41 - Stage 10 : News 1501][/color]
[b]Dark Archers back in action[/b]
Dark archers reverted to abilities and values they had long ago. Probably they will get a bit more torture with abilities changes later but untill then they should be back in action. Use the forum to report anything unusual with them or other changes and suggestions.[/quote]

if someone can confirm the fix?

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