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Deleting all keys K requires an exhaustive search of the player table to find exactly who has the keys. Granted, it would be done infrequently but it's still a big process.

How would you search for the has_keys() function in the script?
Using a regex? If so what would your delimiters be? The only guarenteed ending bracket you can take is ") or '), there are a multitude of function calls that end in the same way.
Tell me if you have some other idea in mind.

The possibilty of a player opening a clickable set for deletion is there, but from what I understand there would be no script for the input wto be sent to, they would jsut get an error message or something saying it expired. It shouldn't be anything to worry about.

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Yes there is a flaw :D
If you put the keyname into a String variable, no simple reg exp will find it but instead you need something close to an interpreter, which is too much work for sane people. Then again, did Mur ever claim to be sane?
You could demand keynames are never put into variables but are always spelled out completely, but that is quite a loss in scripting efficiency.

[code]@va = 'keyname';
cannot be verified with only 1 regular expression.

Enforcing is not a requirement, but it will decrease efficiency because people are inherently lazy and thus liable to ignore labels and the cleaning.

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So my solution from the days of punchcards....

@vk is now my key holder. The 1-Bit is first key, 2-bit is second key, 4-bit is third key.... if(@vk "and" 4){ } else { }

I'm presuming fundamental "and" and "or" etc. functions still exist in some fashion here.... Sorry I havn't tested this, but you could make it work.

As long as I'm not sharing my keys with other coders, and only need 32 keys, I create no new storage needs, and never need to clean up, and just over-write it when I create a new quest.

Is there a problem with this? Won't @vk stay between me and the player indefinitly, using store() function on it?

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