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Using Random To Simulate Dice Rolls


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A game of roll the dice against a gambler

<br/>Roll the dice, winning is nice
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[[name]] rolled<br />[[di1]] and [[di2]]<br />Total: [[sum]]

@vp = array(rand(1, 6), rand(1, 6));//create player's dice rolls
@vg = array(rand(3, 6), rand(2, 6));//create gambler's dice rolls and give him a slight advantage :)
@vs[0] = @vp[0] + @vp[1];//sum of player's rolls
@vs[1] = @vg[0] + @vg[1];//sum of gamberl's rolls

@vk = 0;//intialize player counter, could support more players in the game
@tpl = array();//amke sure @tpl is clear
//assign values to @tpl
@tpl[@vk]['di1'] = @vp[0];
@tpl[@vk]['di2'] = @vp[1];
@tpl[@vk]['name'] = uv('name');
@tpl[@vk]['sum'] = @vs[@vk];

++@vk;//increment player counter
@tpl[@vk]['di1'] = @vg[0];
@tpl[@vk]['di2'] = @vg[1];
@tpl[@vk]['name'] = "Gambler";
@tpl[@vk]['sum'] = @vs[@vk];

mds_template(@content[1],@tpl,false,2,'style="width:180;border:1px solid"');//call template function
retrieve(@vd);//get the player's scorign array
if(@vd == null)//check if the score were initialized yet, if not, initiliaze them
@vd = array(0, 0, 0);
//check for wins, losses or draws and increment appropriate counter
if(@vs[0] > @vs[1])
echo "You have won!";
else if(@vs[0] < @vs[1])
echo "You lost =(";
echo "It was a tie";
store(@vd);//save the player's progress
//output the score
echo "<br/><br/>Your progress against the gambler<br/>";
echo "Wins: " . @vd[0] . "<br/>Losses: " . @vd[1] . "<br/>Draws: " . @vd[2];

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