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Clickable Objects Features


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Since the announcements say that the clickable objects are being worked on, I guess it's a good time to bring up this subject. What feature do you want to see available in the clickable objects?

Personally, I'd love to see a full implementation of the keys feature, and possibly no limit to the amount of keys someone can have from a single player. Functions that can return and print the name of a person/alliance/land/tag would be cool as well. And, a function that can check whether a player has a certain item or creature type. I can imagine that these will help make interesting, fully integrated and automated quests that might still be available long after the maker is gone from the realm.

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This is my nominal post for the day


This already does this in part, It brings up numbers linked to the alliance and land, You just need to know what number means what. And name is already implemented

But yes it would be intresting to have this implemented slightly better

It would be good if the suggested syntax and language constructs be implemented as suggested in a pm i sent to you about a year ago, But i suppose that it will have been deleted as "more work!"

So my only comment is "KEYS!"

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Hmm, I must've understood it wrong then. I thought the current system only checks for the value of name/ally and checks it as a trigger, but cannot print the name of the person or the alliance directly from what it checks. Well, it's great if it's already available though. Now back to learning how to code those things.. xD

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Yes, it can print almost all info about a player.

But as Chew said: I want KEYS! My quest is so damn buggy cause I had to use all sorts of tricks to get what I want. That could have been so elegantly solved by using keys.

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I would like to see an implementation of automated features like teleport and stat boosts.

If we could make quests like the story line, (actual quests not Useless things like most rpcs had) I can see the game becoming a lot more fun. We would have to find a way to construct these quests to not be abuseable. I have a vague idea in my mind, I will try to fan it out and post it later.

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so childish features compared to what else will be there :P
i'm just kidding of course ..keys are one of the main things used in organizing lands and access to things (yes game itself uses them too, just different names)

I thik the hottest features will be keys, save/load data and ability to share it across objects, and ... warehouse.

This warehouse thingy will cause a change in the interface too. I want players to be able to load rewards into objects and those rewards to remain there. For example you could load items, creatures, credits, and maybe more into an object..those items dissapear from your inventory but they are available through scripting inside the object(s?). I MIGHT add a way to convert wps to items or creatures and that way to allow perpetual rewards for quests, it all depends what i can and cant do while i will be working on it.

Anyway, a lot of plans, like always...we shall see what realy comes out of it.
Rendril is working on the manual, and helping me with testing it in a real useful way. I think the manual will be out much sooner than the script so you can see what it can do. Also he will work on sample code so you know where to start in different situations, but in time i expect sample codes from more of you that will begin to "master" it.

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Actually, that warehouse, keys, and WP conversion features is almost everything I could hope for to finish the golems quest. Can't wait to see how the feature will look once it is finished =D

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One more thing ..templates for content.
Imagine you could use something like
//pseudo code, will look different

foreach("creatures i own"){
if("creature is available"){
show(content["creature template"]);
and content1 is a html defined in the content section and can have variables in it. For example you could organize an automated auction in that way or display rules of your quest generated based on rules and directly into your content. Usage is actualy unlimited...so is abuse..unfortunatly.

Future use (science-fiction at this point) will be to script your own creature abilities, enhance rituals, and even much more. I am thinking in that direction but first the basics ..if you could call basics something that big :P

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[quote name='dst' date='26 October 2009 - 04:39 PM' timestamp='1256567982' post='45779']
Damn! Now I have to remember (or learn) how to code again (not only basic like if do..) :P(

The more you know how to code, the quicker you will pick up on how to use the MD script :(
I think the documentation will be easy for beginners to follow and the sample code will be available for reference.

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Some teasing:

@tpl = array();
@temp = array();
@temp['name'] = uv(name).@vi;
@temp['vit'] = uv(ve).@vi;
@tpl[] = @temp;
mds_template(content[1],@tpl,false,3,'style="border:1px solid;"');

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I know I'm only a noob, but I think I would like to see a graphics showing where the clickable object is relative to the map. Why? Well... I'm a noob and I don't know where I am cos the map isn't quite right or updated correctly. I also think that when you click the clickable item/sign/whatever, it reveals more detail on the map more local to where the clicking user is, in the game. Basically, it is my hopes for better navigation using the map coupled with what you click, but then I may be biased cos I'm a lost noob at the moment LOL

Anywho, does that suggestion make sense?

Edited by Wolfmist
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Some more:
this is the short documentation of the current storage types. Did i miss any situation? or do you think the storage scope and structure needs something more (or less)?

The final info will be available in the docs, this is just a short copy paste from the current code comments so you can get a general clue of whats there. Name of the function might change also in the final script:

Initiate data storage
This will check if storage is indeed valid, will create one if none exists yet

name = simple alphanumeric string used to name the storage and separate them from eachother
type = keyword that determines the scope and sharing level of the storage
totu: shared only for this object and this user
toau: shared only for this object but for all users accessing it
aoau: shared across all object and all users, separated by editor
aotu: shared across all object but only for this user

Storages do not share data between them, even if they have same name but different type/scope.
Storages do not access data from one editor to an other regardless of naming or scope.
To access storages across editors use the remote storage access functions

@storage = mds_storage_load("myfirstquest",'aotu');
//this will create a storage where you can hold and change data of all sorts across objects for a individual player accessing them.
@vx = array('abc','123','lala');

//calling this in any object you edit will retrieve same data for a given user
//you still have to call @storage = mds_storage_load("myfirstquest",'aotu'); in that object first
@vx = mds_storage_read(@storage,'somename');

//@storage could be used as array for accessing multiple storages, or so could any other variable @va to @vz, @temp or other


Hmm.. do i feel like there might be a need of a centralised tracking page to see who accessed what and the state of the storages realm-wide ? ..we shall see..

Edited by Muratus del Mur
updated code
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It does but it's not a good one unfortunately. You see...we like to make noobs life miserable :unsure:. Finding a clickable is part of quests most of the time. You get the location by lets say solving a riddle. If you solve it...you have the location where the item is or sometimes even the item. So, making a map would not be a good thing. If you like you can make your own map but I highly doubt one will be implemented in the game.
Does my explanation make sense? :)

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@Mur: "the needs" we'll come as we learn to use the script. Right now I have no clue if it's enough or not.

@Wolfmist:that would be good for beginners but it would be annoying for old (even not that old) players. After a while you'll learn the map and you'll not need directions.

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the function above changed a bit, in good of course. You will see it again in the docs.

Except that "advanced" function, i made a very simple one to be used as a fast save and load.
Unfortunalty i can use save and load as words in the code due to security issues, so i had to name them store and retrieve.

look at this..cant get anymore simpler that that realy:

//code in item A
@vh = "wow thats simple";

//code in item B
echo @vh;

//will output "wow thats simple"
//can be used to store and load entire arrays of data.


happy now dst? :P

ps. retrieve() or restore(), what sounds better?

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now the 3 functions for key handling are:


keys can be anything, if one editor sets the rpcq-test123 key then an other editor can check for it or change it in his scripts too.

rpcsq keys are just the same as the keys used to lock locations and do all sorts of things in the realm, but compared to hardcoded keys. the rpcq keys have "rpcq-" in front of them.

mds_give_rpcq_keys('test123'); for example , will actualy set key rpcq-test123 to that user.

Keys are flags, not value storages. Clickable items can be restricted by such keys, meaning you cant click it or access its scripts unless you have that key, same as access points are blocked on the map if you dont have the right key for them.

I am telling you all this so you will know what to ask regarding items and restrictions to them.

Next in work:
- creature transfers by mdscript
- item transfers
- user input

thats all i think

If you have anymore wishes for the script, let me know.

EDIT: just remembered .. integrate magic (maybe illusions too) with mdscript, like spells you could trigger from script .. i am not sure of how to control overuse yet...

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