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Halloween Costume Contest

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Halloween is approaching fast and I have two wish points left to give out as treats. Starting from now until the end of [color="#FF0000"]November[/color], you will need to start looking at public logs, starting with your own. If you see: Gift - <some time as example>, you are already in the Contest.

[color="#FF0000"]Edit[/color] This contest is now shut down and a WP has been awarded to Rendril Revant. Rendril was the only player who actively sought out and collected items for the Quest. Other players were more concerned about "losing a wp" then actively participating. Well, that has come to pass. I will be deleting items from PL.

I have one more WP to give and I will be sitting on it until someone worthy earns it or Mur takes it away.

Congratulations to Rendril Revant.

Mods: Please close this thread as well as the other one.

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i dont mean to sound doubtful, but why would someone wish to trade an 'item' that has the potential to have a WP attached, or nothing at all... it's too great to give the 'item' for free and has the possibility to be nothing at all... anyhow those are my concerns with it, other than that it sounds fun.

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[quote name='Fenrir Greycloth' date='22 October 2009 - 01:41 PM' timestamp='1256236912' post='45491']
Doesnt sound fun to me... :D

Nothing sounds fun to you. As I didn't put a Gift in your Public Log, you won't miss out.

[quote name='dst' date='22 October 2009 - 03:19 PM' timestamp='1256246368' post='45498']
Not to mention that I bet the WPs were not randomly distributed. I shall go no further with the suppositions.

The two WP ARE randomly distributed. Too many people are so caught up in wanting the Wish Point that they forget the whole point of my contest was for players to actually LOOK at their PL and start looking for possible pieces. Not to mention there are other TREATS.

[color="#FF0000"]*Edited* [/color]It's a scavenger Hunt. No one knows what Collection their Gift is assigned to, so I will be editing all Public Logs. Each collection will have a TREAT by the person who has all the times. The TRICK is to get all of them.

Where is the spirit of Adventure? Of the searching? Heck, even a Mp3 can ask someone for Gift in anyone's public log. Who knows? In asking, a noob might get a Treat.

Please use EDIT button.It's there for a reason.

Edited by dst
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This sounds like a fun quest to me.

I think there will be a problem however in the way to gain the items.
For Udgard's item hunt quest I had people asking for ridiculous amounts of silver just to send a description/screen shot. It cost them nothing and they (not all, but many players) wanted payment, and in many case couldn't be bothered just to type it out or copy-paste it.

This time they are expected to give up the item and possibility of gaining the WP.
However, since we don't know [b]where[/b] the WP is (or do we?) people will hopefully be more willing to part with items. [color="#FFFFFF"]*Insert wishful thinking xD*[/color]

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its not an actual item rendril...its an "item" in your PL. Used to RPCs would put items in peoples players logs so it made you check out what others thought of them. Sometimes you simply had to put in their PL that you found it, and other times you had to ask for such "item". When you have to ask for the "item" it makes you rp and interact with the people. Usually people are more than glad to give you such an "item" when you have an interesting RP.

Seems lately alot of people are greedy anymore, and would rather keep the item or not give it away just so others can not accomplish the quest, then be productive and help out other players. It's why you don't see that kind of questing as much anymore. Kragel was fairly well known for it back when he used to play for gathering components when creating an item.

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I did not say it was an actual item.
My point is that people will likely not part with it since it will cost them something (the possibility of getting the wp)

If there had been no reward announcd, I think swapping would be more probable.

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Sage, you say it's random but you are the only one who knows who got the WPs (or not?!).So we all have to trust you. Sorry but...I am a non-believer. I don't like trusting without evidence. I don't like words. I only like facts.

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A question before closing this one:was Rendril awarded the Wp just because he was the only active one or because he found the object with the WP? And wouldn't be nice if you would post also at least the item(s) with the WP on them?

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