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Second Time For Chess


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[b]Total Silver Fee Received: 2

[/u][/b]Shop creature or creature with at least 2 tokens and max age
Any other creature will be determine by me
1/2 silver fee evenly share for Sponsors

Fee of 1 silver per scheduled match
Be able to access link.
[i][b]Yahoo!Games Chess
The Match: 2 games
PM me for more info.

[b][u]Current Sponsors and Rewards:

[/u][/b]AqlBeast: Joker with 349 trade value and 179 age [b](awarded to Totenkopf)[/b]
WindElement: Imperial Aramor with 202 trade value and over 200 age
Pipstickz: Loreroot Archer with Fire Drop and Kelle'tha Fire and max age

[b][u]Current Participants:

[/u]1) wisdom wins
2) Bloodynose (defeated first match)[/b]
[b]3) Totenkopf[/b] (won Joker) [b](defeated first round) (defeated first round)[/b]
[b]4) Grido (defeated first match)
5) Shadowseeker (defeated first round) (defeated first round)
6) ?[/b]

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[quote name='AqlBeast' date='18 October 2009 - 10:32 PM' timestamp='1255894352' post='45112']

[/u][/b]Any help sponsoring this contest is greatly appreciated.


Fee 1 silver per scheduled match & Be able to login using Yahoo Email for the link below

[i]Yahoo!Games Chess
The Match: 2 games (alternate between white and black to be fair), Strictly 4 minutes initial time with 5 seconds added per move, Two participants per day.
Place of Match:

[/u][/b]Within the Chess Window, click on "Social Tab" and scroll down to "Zebra Cove"
My username in Yahoo! is "[b][i]anh.quang_le@yahoo.com"[/i] [/b]should be near the top of alphabetical player list


[/u][/b]Must win both games to receive a reward giving by Sponsors

[/u]May be tougher than the first contest since my defence for black is hard to overcome when there is time limit.

[u][b]Further Notice:
[/u]Multiple sign up is permitted. Scheduled match is posted here and open to all spectators for entertainment. Sign up now to reserve your match when the contest begins on November first. Contest ends when all the reward(s) are won by participant(s).

[b][u]Previous Winner:

[/u][/b]Devilish Smile: A Santa with trade value over 100

Best of luck to all [img]http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/public/style_emoticons/default/laugh.gif[/img]
(Participants may find my traces at Beserker Way's Puzzle)

[b][u]Current Sponsors:

[/u][/b]AqlBeast: Joker with 349 trade value

[b][u]Current Participants:

[/u][/b]1) ?

i'd be intersted in playing - i'm at zebra cove right now - vadim_ionescu@yahoo.com

ok, we did a few quick rounds and i definitely want to join the contest. just tell me when to send the silver and when we play.

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[quote name='AqlBeast' date='19 October 2009 - 12:00 AM' timestamp='1255899608' post='45131']
Thank you Toten.

May I know your ingame name?

Same as forum - Totenkopf (i was vadim_ionescu you played earlier on yahoo in case that's what you meant :P)

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CUrrently I am only taking the name of players who want to participate. One week prior to Nov 1st I will try and schedule a date beginning with participant number 1 and down the list. I will only play 2 participants per day. If the the next one on the list is unable to schedule a date till the next day, I just move down the list and reserve a date for the previous participant. That way hopefully everything works out.

Would you like me to add your name on the list?

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I'd sign in..if I had any silver that is. I'm tired of trading lately, so I have none left.

Let me play you a bit first, then I might sponsor you according to how well you do.

Btw, small suggestion: I'd ask for 2 silver each match instead of 1..you have to make sure it's not an entire loss for you.

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Hmmm.....that is true but I don't think players have that much silver though. Possibly the next Chess Contest (maybe once a month thing). I hope to do a Robin Chess Tour where the winner gets challenged for the rewards and have to go undefeated for three days or so. Much more fun don't you think?

When I see you online I will PM you for a game.

I think I should start scheduling the matches now. I might lose before others start signing up that will be bad.....

[color=purple]Edit button? - Grido[/color]

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[quote name='AqlBeast' date='28 October 2009 - 12:57 AM' timestamp='1256684266' post='45920']
[b]Totenkopf[/b] another round for Imperial Aramor

Server time Oct 28 00:48:20

defeated first round

[b]Totenkopf[/b] another round for Imperial Aramor

Server time Oct 28 00:53:20

defeated first round

just so you guys don't get the wrong impression, attempts 2 and 3 i lost due to time (3/3 playing black), i would've prolly won if i had more time :D
thanks though to Aql, it was great fun on the first attempt :D

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Pipz donate a Loreroot Archer with Fire Drop and Kelle'tha Fire at max age.

He will receive portion of silver fee for his contribution when the contest ends. For record I will constantly update the amount of "Total silver fee: "

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