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Captain Cryxus X'hal of the [i]Crimson Blade[/i], Phantom Orchid, I, and a few others are organising a tournament as part of the ongoing Tribute to Knator Commander. The tournament is open to all, but entrants must agree to use [u]un-tokened rituals only[/u] for all tournament fights. The tournament will also include a division for each separate mind-power level as well as an "unlimited" division open to alliance members of all mind-power levels.

Registration for the tournament begins now, and will close at 24:00 (server time) on day 292. The tournament itself will take place at the Loreroot Hidden Exit, Knator Commander's old post, and will occur on day 295, with a possible extension on day 296. The time of the tournament will be announced in a subsequent post.

Captain X'hal will be accepting bets and laying odds on tournament fights using MagicDuel silver.

Prizes for winning or placing in the tournament will include Wish Points, MagicDuel silver, and possibly also creatures and/or MD Shop credits.

If you have interest in participating in this tournament, please notify Cryxus or myself via PM... or simply post in this thread.

[i]Moriemur te salutamus![/i]

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so will it be fixed tomorrow?are u gonna post it anytime ryt now?i only have 1 hour left logged in very late in my place already 1 am ^^ hope the time of the competition will be good for most hehe

tarq and cryxus, i would like to ask for sorry for the thing i have done, making asahina lose on purpose. hope you guys will forgive me im really sorry

[quote name='Tarquinus' date='23 October 2009 - 12:50 PM' timestamp='1256323818' post='45568'] [u]MP4[/u] Rendril Revant (?) [u]MP5[/u] Nex (?) [/quote] Nex is MP5 and Rendril is MP4, dunno a

We will have judges watching for magic - spells cast on participants will disqualify the recipient(s) of the spell.

Other than that, un-tokened rituals are the only restriction for fighting. We have a very good reason to have this rule, as it is the opinion of some of the realm's best fighters that tokened fights are too predictable, and a tournament open to what are currently the most powerful rituals in MD (because of tokens) would not be very interesting. Furthermore, it is appropriate to the memory of Knator Commander, who is from a bygone age in MD when tokens did not exist (and men were men, and you had to hike ten miles in the snow to get to the hidden exit, etc ;) ) to fight without tokens.

Burns - we will make every effort to ensure that all registered fighters are able to participate. We have not yet announced a time because we do not know what will work best for the fighters involved.

[b]Edited for clarity[/b]

Edited by Tarquinus
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The judges will be watching for magic. We will have to make judgements on the spot, but the use of magic to benefit any fighter (directly or otherwise) will disqualify that fighter. We cannot penalize the caster(s), though we would if we could.

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[quote name='Fenrir Greycloth' date='18 October 2009 - 12:58 AM' timestamp='1255816695' post='44982']
So... I can cast a spell on any contestant and have him disqualified?

That tempts me to ask for the tournament to be held in a remote location(something like Sage Keep Interior or Oak Tower). This will prevent players like you to interfere.

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Also I want to point out that if we catch anyone cheating, or if anyone throws a fight purposefully all bets on that fight will be taken, and not refunded. So please think carefully before making any hairball schemes because you may end up with a lot of people mad at you, including myself, and I will do my best to make anyone cheating or caught helping someone cheat reget it. This is a honorable tournament, and honorable betting, we are trying to set up a fun but noble event, not a circus. I thought I should warn in advance, this is not meant to scare, but merely caution you all. Once again thank you all for you support and interest.

~Cryxus X'hal

p.s. dst i think this event should be held in a place where all can come and enjoy, because that is what this event is for, everyone's enjoyment (at least in my opinion).

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I can make sure Fenrir, or anyone who acts unreasonably, are moved away from the tournament if their actions necessitate it, at least for a good 20 minutes *smirks devilishly* don't underestimate the power of an enraged captain... not to mention all the people that will be mad that they lost their silver because of him, let's just say I think I could make his MD life hell anytime I see him if he acts foolishly during this event because I will not tolerate him, nor anyone else, ruining a pleasurable event for everyone, and I will bring my own festival of pain to their ass... sufficient warning has been given, and all are welcome, even Fenrir, as long as they do not act in a way that would serve to ruin everybody's fun, I will do my best to personally ensure it.

~Captain Cryxus X'hal

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Alts are definitely allowed.

Fenrir, that kind of juvenile letter-of-the-law kind of reasoning is why we have judges. If you or anyone else appears to be trying to ruin everyone else's fun, you'll only fail, and you will incidentally earn a lot of new enemies. To which you might say, "so what?" ...until the time you want a wish point rolls around, and you can't find anyone to give you one.

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[quote name='The Truthspeaker' date='18 October 2009 - 12:08 PM' timestamp='1255860507' post='45048']
And Fenrir hasnt already got many enemies? Its a shame Fenrir that there isnt any more rpcs, You cant go around begging for wishpoints like you previously did.

Thats the only reason you didnt like the demotion of the rpcs. You cant bribe people for free Wishpoints.

actually he can, if he ever did that, with all those fixed amount of WPs given to "regular" players, but its punishable, like it was during RPCs I guess (altough I did noticed some undeserving WP rewards)

the event could be a great success, depending on the people Mur chose = lots more rewarding and interesting quests

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I'll join also.

1. no tokens means ... you will allow 100% influence or just 0% ?

2. and ... in case of 100% influence is allowed, on creatures with tokens the 100% will be mandatory?

3. if 100% influence is allowed ... can anyone hint me on the highest stats around here ?

4. in case of just 0% ... will you allow special / rare creatures to be used ? (who has most drachorns ?)

5. (as someone already stated in a similar topic that I created), will bursts be allowed ?

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