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No More Rpc

Muratus del Mur

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Well Mur I stepped forward and explained my view, and I feel I am more than blessed to have been a RPC, and to still have the abilities I do, though it is very aggrivating to be told I don't appreciate all that I was given, because that is a falacy. I still wish to make MD a better place, and felt that this treasure hunt would have been a nice contribution from me. I will stop trying to lobby for it, but I wasn't demanding anything, merely asking for the ability to continue it, and I most certainly was not trying to sound ungrateful.

Perhaps I did get a little too used to the freedoms I had, but in all honesty you could take it all away and I'd be as pleased as a pig in slop to still be in MD, so please don't think I was trying to be ungrateful for being demoted. I still thank you for MD, and for all your time and effort put forth, it makes my own dwindle into obscurity when compared, but please don't feel I am aggrivated by your descisions, I tried to explain my position as cordially and as sincerely as I thought the situation necessitated, though I see now any response besides silent acceptance was the wrong response, and so what shall be shall be.

Thank you once again for all you have given me, you have no idea how pleased it makes me. I hope that you can see that and that I only wished to make MD a more enjoyable place as I hope to continue to do, and was not trying to pine for lost abilities.

~Captain Cryxus X'hal

(*reason for edit - changed a word for clarity)

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Im a "former rpc" if anyone didnt know so im going to put forward my view.

Firstly, Mur if posting this small section at the top of this post will mean you will read it then fine. When the rpcs are complaining to you there are two differnt "types" Some that are annoyed they lost their "special" powers and some that are genuinely annoyed that they will have to go quest for things. I know many of the rpcs that didnt quest for Wishpoints as they had what they needed and wanted to do quests and such. Now its a double blow that wishpoints are more rarer as they wont regenerate on old rpcs (confirmation needed) and that they need to get them to Do their quests. It will mean a lot of hard work for the rpcs that had planned a quest or were halfway through a quest.

You say that the old rpcs have nothing to lose? You may assume from the response you got about removing rpcs that rpc status was the only thing that rpcs could lose. Really, i value my friends in the game much higher than some dots. I am not annoyed at losing the status, merely that i now have to work for something that i didnt plan to have to. If i had known about this change earlier i would have collected some WP in the period when they were given out for spelling your name.

I have always spoken my thoughts to you, Yet when i spoke to you this time it was that i lost my toys and have "nothing to lose". You know i was never a one to follow you like a sheep, We had some viscous arguments on some issues, But they were always resolved. I don't know what the other rpcs said to you when they were rpc, But the status meant nothing to me. Respect given freely is utterly pointless. Earnt respect is much more worthy than respect gained by a title.

I do not disrespect you, im still very in awe that you managed to create a game such as this and run it all, without (For the most part) it falling into pieces. I present this opinion speaking to you as an equal for i believe that however much people think they are "better" than others, every opinion is valid.

So, Please i have always given you my honest opinion, and am not going to stop now just because i have "nothing to lose" as you think. And to everyone else, I accept the consequences of my posting my opinion, But i believe Mur hasn't changed from when he said "opinions will not be punished", So i post it freely without fear of consequences, and shall accept any that come my way for just saying my opinion.

Here are the main problems that i see with no rpcs:

Leadership - Whereas the next level up from a normal person was generally an rpc, Many issues could be directed at an rpc as they have been officially recognised by Mur. Now you will either have to pick a player that you trust to deal with whatever issue comes up, Or it will just be sent to Mur. Since there are no one who has been officially recognised then there is no "immediate" person who you could look at it and take the problem further or sort it out themselves. This will i believe them create a mass of paperwork that will be sent to Mur because he will be the only person who is "official" and can "officially" recognised.

King Positions (aka rpc^2) - There will be one king per land, And it seems that these will be the replacement for rpc's, now the problems i see here is that the rpc's who actually did work were already overworked, Now if you are replacing 10 rpc's that did work with 4 "kings" then the workload will increase massively. Since they are now the "official" next level from normal players they will likely be in undated with pms that would have been sent due to problem 1. so if i look at the current "likely" kings/queens, Peace stepped down as NS head since there was too much work, I haven't seen any Loreroot Nor MB possible Kings have had experience with general admin. I don't personally think that anyone will be able to see the problems that no rpc's will cause. I meant no disrespect, i am merely worries about the amount of paperwork that you will have to deal with.

Wishpoints - Now unless i have understood this incorrectly, Old rpc wish points will not regenerate. Now this is a massive problem in regards to distribution of wishpoints. But i see Mur has found a solution, Look through who is online and see if he likes their papers. Now last time i checked he wanted automation. This is merely some form of "rpc" status where he checks peoples papers and rewards them accordingly. This just seems the same to rpcs where he personally selects people. This is unfair just like how the rpc status was, where Mur checked things and if its based on him looking its just like rpc status that mur said he didn't update quick enough. Also I have already seen people starting to "bribe" people for wishpoints, and just a while ago people wanting to know a list of who got wishpoints so they can purposely do their quests. He said he would reward Wishpoints to good quests, But unless he is either told about the good quests it will be the same rpc problem of him not recognising good quests and such because he is busy and focused on something else.

Kings = Game Managers Divided by 4 - So far we know little of what the king accounts will have access to but from what you have said "Absolute power" it just seems like you have split the duties of each land to 4 people and pronounced them "king". This status is akin the game manager, as he was described as having absolute power over us. And we all know that Mur didn't want one of them because it was just too much power for one Person. So now there are 4 Kings that have the power that Mur previously wielded and assigned. Surely this is a step backward in as it still relies on a few people to decide. The added problem is these players are now so different from normal players that they can do what they like. Any arguments with a king is utterly useless as you will never be able to progress without a king as Mur wont be running it. Wheras Mur is objective sometimes i see some candidates that will hate me for writing what i write, and therefore if i were in their land i wouldn't be able to progress. Rpcs have just merged with the Game managed, (that Mur said he hated the position) to create a couple of Game managers, People with the power to destroy a person, And we all know what happened last time. Kings will be different from GM's in one way, Kings will be able to be voted out. But then you have the other side in that some people who perhaps have the vote power but are not likely to be good "kings" will be accepted because the vote counts. So it might be potentially be more unstable as people who are popular are not necessarily good leaders. The good thing about a GM was the fact that it was picked my mur, and if he

And now i return to a holiday that has been interrupted

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RPC concept overall was supposed to be "that thing that you get when you allready have it". Very few got that. Ability to organize quests, reputation among others and many more things you should have with or without "dots". That part of you that you see that you still have to lose, THAT is the true RPC part you have. Everything else that you think you lost by this mass demotion, means only it was not true rpc.

Now to your concerns:

- next level after normal was rpc ..
interesting you see that so, because rpc was not a level in the sense all should have reached it. Many saw it so and imagine the frustration that they cant finaly reach rpc status. Wrong view on what rpcs were.

- direct people under me ...
i am sure there will be enough people to learn to use the forums or to notify me in case something realy should reach me and i didnt saw it. I am sad to hear that this type of people exist only because of their official position.

- kings to be affected by a massively increased workload
no. kings are not rpc. I will only use the rpc system to facilitate the king accounts. Kings can be kings even in their absence. They don't have to do quests, they don't have to do anything else than to take decisions and shift the mood and behaviour of their people one way or an other. Both Khal and yrth were kings without an active rpc-like behaviour. The king must be the final wall that you hit if you go out of line. The king can act as a gang/team leader and support its people actively, or it can act as a misterious ruler that cuts and hangs those that do wrong. ALl the rpc-like abilities are given to the people first of all. Clickable items, wishpoints, other things, all get to everybody, not to the king.

- wishpoint distribution being subjective...
having few wp distributed to many people is much accurate and better than having tons of wp stuck on a single person. ex rpc points do not recharge. Now don't complain chewett, you like many other had over 60 wp you never gave, and i am not sure how many you actualy gave for a good reaso if at all. WP codes will be given for interesting quests, and yes I will decide first of all if quests are interesting or not. Volume of effort given to edit your personal pages indicated patience and involvement you could put into a possible future quest. In time, thwre will be a way to free me of this responsability of selecting who could do quests and who not. This is nothing like the rpc system. In rpc system once in a position of power became lazy, arrogant or ignorant. If you will fight for every single wp you can reward, you will care more about your quests and also once you will stop caring you will no longer have rewards to give. Consider it a integrated "demotion".
I could find a fast soltion to your issue right now. For example imagine players could vote 1 of 5 other players from those that have quests, based on where they think the wp reward should go, how interesting the quest is and not how impossible it is. This integrated quest rating system could be used to distribute wp codes to those that more people consider they should receive it. This is just a adhoc solution i made up now, i am sure that with a little more thinking there will be much better options.

- kings as game managers
a manager is a person of great responsability, a king, in md, i a person that decides what means responsability. Kings are so much better and confortable positions than game managers. I think you like many others hate them just because you are not one of them, but these are of course just blind supositions on my side. A GM has duties, a king has rights. A GM, like Shoeps was, the only GM MD ever had, had to send me constnat status reports, activity logs, had to manualy do things that only later were automated, had to centralise the activity of others, over all, a lot. Its little in common between a king and a gm. The only thing in common are the ultra powerfull abilities, and you would be surprised to find out that abilities alone don't make the role or what the person does with them. A gm had decision power over any player, a king has decision power only over his citizens. There are 4 lands, 4 leaders to rule them. A player would have like 4 lives so to say, migrating from one land to an other if they get kicked for bad behaviour from one. A game manager would have a ban button and thats it. King roles are much more integrated in the realm. Kings are not mods!! not gods! they are kings. They are not even police. Look what a king role was in rl ... how much work had a king to do actualy? not much, but his position as a person to lead and to be the final decision power stabilized the entire country. Kings also bring a creative future to the lands. Dynasties, legends, all count as positive and creative future. Look how legendar Nelya an Khal became, even for people that NEVER met them. WHY? because they were considered "kings", symbols. They both achieved their position in a much less democratic way than current kings.

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