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[quote]eh for spamming that grido solved, and it was more of announcing ingame matter, swearing? hmm i say [...] damn, or this kind of words but i dont point it to ppl, and not so sure that i do it in crowded locations, usually i spent almost no time in crowded locations, but yeah on forum ya can read this sort of crap from me i guess, but that is on forum team to watch up for it[/quote]

Is he really allowed to get away with this? He spams chat ingame and swears and doesnt get any punishment

And to add onto that he then goes onto swear on the forum, And still nothing is done?

Its all well saying its not allowed but really i have seen some people get punished for much less wheras this blatent abuse is allowed to continue.

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i had to really pull myself together not to reply sooner but i just had to wait until the election ended. all these responses were just amazing.

to me this was a joke as most probably knew. i enjoyed writing the application even if nothing would go more into contradiction with my role. it was real fun.
but dont understand me wrong please. Lib was serious about it

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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