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Gg Alliance Returned

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You impress me with your role, Yrthilian; you play the martyr exceedingly well.
Sadly, I can see through your attempts at misdirection all too well.

None understands what you mean.
None interprets what you say correctly.
None wants to see what you're really doing.

Your excuses are as feeble as your control over Golemus Golemicarum and just as tired. It is not the fault of another if you cannot communicate your thoughts and intentions with simple words. Take responsibility for your own actions, and inaction at that. Your whining is contemptible.

There are many who see exactly what you mean, who do not need to read further into your transparent statements, and who can see what your true goals are.

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Ah it would be easy to argues till we both fall over dead.

So i wont argue anymore
you have you opinion and well fair enough.
I have mine and that is that.

There is no point in argueing over who is rgight or who it worng.
what happenes happenes and that is all that really matters.

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