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Festival Contest - Day 275 - Kafuuka - Torturing Device

Muratus del Mur

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Here is my torturing procedure.

First, the is subject wearing a hanford underwear, imprisoned
in the cell while having this infernal blindfold on:

[b]The Infernal Blindfold[/b]

-Makes the subject hear the screams of the damned
(Note: For believers, you do have a choice for your curiosity.[url="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_xdkK8WFFWc&feature=related"]Torment[/url] it's the last 19 seconds)
-The fear that the subject feels, hears, and sees will not fade away
-The subject is unable to remove it, it will stay on him until his death
-Keeping him conscious during the future procedures.


[b]The Twisted Machine[/b]


After the subject feels the torment of the blindfold, he will be
transfered to the Gazebo of Chaos to face his final torment.
There will be a gathering to watch this spectacular event, it is
considered as one of the events of the Festival of Pain.


The first phase:

You noticed that both of his hands are trapped between an iron
device. That iron device is specially designed to thrust a needle
under the subject's nail, while the nail rippers is attached to
all of his nails.

Once the event has started, the needle will be slowly driven under
his nails, sinking on the soft and sensitive flesh. 30 seconds
after each nails, thus, maximizing the pain the subject feels.


After that, a rough spinning thread will be turned on and cuts the
skin on the middle of each of his fingers (much like a chain on a bicycle).


When this is done, we go back to the nails. No it's not done yet,
we still have nail rippers. After the agonizing pain of the needle
and the cuts, the nail ripper will be activated and rips the nails
off one by one after each 30 seconds.


The subject will be screaming like hell for the pain. The blindfold
is still on, the fear doesn't fade away. It keeps him concious for
the next 2 hours of the process to experience pain to its maximum level.

To his feet, same procedures as above, thrusting needles, ripping off
the nails, but no threads.

[b]The Second Phase[/b]

The threads will retract away from his fingers to continue to the next process.
The next process is breaking the joints. The iron cast on both of his hands
will twist, 1mm per second until it reaches a full 360 degrees, thus, breaking
the joints and some of the bones.

First will be the right hand. It will give him a minute before the left hand
twists to give him a break and to let him catch his breath. :P


After both of his hands gets twisted, it's time for the feet. Same procedure
and same time intervals. Joints will be dislocated and broken with severe
massive bleeding.


[b]Phase Three[/b]

The subject is still experiencing the pain, the psychological torture, now
it's time to say goodby for good.

The interior of iron mask has some holes in it, for hot steam of foul methane
gas rising up to 200 degrees celsius.
The white part that you see is the divisions of the steam tubes.


The 3 tubes will release a foul steam of gas. It will start at 30 degree,
and minute by minute, it will raise to 5 degrees until it reaches 200
degrees of temperature. It will not stop until the blindfold's 2 hour
conciousness-keeping is not expired. The subject's head will be cooked
through the steam.


The subject is dead, time for disposal.

The executors who operates the machine will get the body of the subject
and dumps it into the sea by the Storm Coast, just a few walks away from
the Gazebo of Chaos.


Just 3 minutes before the deadline... :)

EDIT: Pics resized. :):):)

Edited by Chad
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Err... Most? *cough* I think the only thing I've included based on Saw movies is the twisting part. And I don't see anything wrong with it if you would look through the criterias. :D

Avy is just alright, I'm a big Saw fan, Saw VI is coming so I thought it might be nice to make it as an avy. :)

Edited by Chad
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I know the contest is over. I just want post my other torture device here because I didn't have enough time to upload it due to RL issues. (This is not an entry because it's over)

Ladies and Gentlemen, I now present you... [b]Slappy-Joe[/b]!!!

He's mean, he's a machine, and he loves to SLAP! *goes to slap you*


This device is ingeniously designed to experience pain and humiliation and ofcourse, for slapping!

[b]Figure 1.[/b] Pure synthetic rubber hand anatomically designed for the cheek.
[b]Figure 2.[/b] On its other side, a rough sanding paper is installed.
[b]Figure 3.[/b] A magical device designed to hold the head steadily with an evil smiley face. Below it, a very kinky leather pillow
attached to Slappy-Joe.
[b]Figure 4.[/b] Ingenious yet strange, the design of the poles are meant to be one on top of the other to slap both the cheek and the
side of the head above the cheek. Counter-clockwise it will be a rubber slap, when it's turned clockwise, the rough
sanding paper will get into action
[b]Figure 5.[/b] Holes on the chair are mean to tickle the back of the subject, like poking his back slowly with fingers. I can't explain
it clearly but believe me it tickles!!!

First, the subject it placed on Joe which is on the top of Mt. Kelle'tha with a handful of people. The spikes on the holes behind him will start to tickle him.

The poles will start to spin counter-clockwise and slaps his left side of the face, it will be slow and not painful like 5 slaps per second. Over time, it will go faster and faster until it reaches 15 slaps per second for 15 minutes!!!

His left face is swollen now due to slapping of Joe the legend. The hands will turn, now it's time for the right side of the face. It will spin clockwise, thus slapping him on the right side of the face for 15 minutes.

When it's done, it's time for the ROUGHNESS!!! But first we'll gonna let the subject takes some rest, say, 5 minutes. After the rest, the hands will twist again, exposing the rough sanding paper and will turn counter clockwise and will do 15 slaps per second for 10 minutes, scratching the swollen areas and the skin will go thinner and thinner. The same goes to the right cheek when it spins clockwise until the skin leaks some blood and the bones got exposed. It will continue to spin until it drains the last drop of life on the subject.

This device was built for the traitors who only wants power within an alliance. The ones that kicks the alliance members for no apparent reason, in other words, a "&%@$ing @$#h0le". :P

Edited by Chad
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About the results:it's not Kafuuka's fault/intention to keep you waiting. It's ME! I had little time to look over all the submissions and to mark them. But I am working on them...hope I will finish today...or NOT :P

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