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The Burning Of Khalazdad Soul

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i know it would be better for me to just sit back and stay quite but i am slowly starting to get angry here. so i will post this and u are all welcome to flame me about it.
as i said before in my challenge i didnt join the war because both forces thought they could simply fight for the fate of a land that doesnt belong to humans but shades. i have many more reasons but wont state them here. both the allies and the defenders forgot their place. this is necrovion a land that belongs to the shades. i am really sad what became of necrovion. shades rule this land and humans are nothing but their pawns to support their goals. and what happens now? the only alliance of necrovion dares to defy and attack the summoned army? even if u were all confused about the events, u were in the land of the shades and no matter what the summoned army does if it attacked u or not doesnt matter. shades are hard to understand and dont act/think like humans. if u wear the badge of necrovion u are the ally of the shades and shouldnt even be thinking about attacking them. u are a guest in their land it belogs to them. even if the summoned army attacked u first it doesnt change anything the enemy of the sentinels was right in front of ur eyes tearing apart khals soul. and u wearing the badge of necrovion attack the summoned army and not yrth? sorry but this is totally messed up u shouldnt be complaining about anything.
all u did was give yrth evil looks and growl at him but nobody tried to stop him. and then u see a shade and attack it claiming u fought for necrovion? that simply doesnt go into my logic. it seems the sentinels dont understand who they are anymore.

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I'm more the sort of fellow who'd gladly stab my king/ruler/emperor through the heart while he brought the axe down toward my neck. I have been that deer, and running is certainly the best option for it.

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[quote name='Jester' date='29 September 2009 - 12:25 AM' timestamp='1254176743' post='43135']
Everything that happened turned out better than I could have hoped for. You think I've failed? You know nothing of my goals or assignments.

well i'm 100% sure this is all happening like you wanted from the very start... :P

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