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Is This Really Necessary?

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I logged in to the bbgsite because I wanted to post a comment and I found this:

[quote]VERY nice game - but it's RUINED by the blatant favouritism between the creator (who likes the players to refer to him ingame as GOD - wtf!) and his adulterous whore of a wife(irl) who thinks she IS the shit, but really only looks like shit.

Akasha, sweetie, time for some Frizz-ease, doncha think?

Adelha at 09-24 11:56:24

The person who did it should be really ashamed. I thought that MD has smart and nice players. I am starting to have doubts. It seems MD has also some scumbags that under a new nick post bad stuff about the game they pretend to like. If you don't like it and you think you are harassed/bla/bla why don't you go away? If you have an issue, post it on MD forum. That's why it is here. Don't go bitching around on other sites. Shish...I am really disgusted. Shame on you! (the one who posted it!)


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Wow. Well, the word "favouritism" is spelled with a "u", a European way of spelling.

What a horrible thing to say, not even very insightful, just petty, personal and downright mean.

If you are going to say such things, at least have the sand to say it was you, don't hide behind a false identity. Have the courage of your convictions and stop being a coward.

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Yeah, if you really really care then post a comment there.
I feel embaresed by the IDIOT posting that THERE. Its no need to tell who i think it is, but please keep your fights with me or other players inside MD gates. Don't prented you like MD and play it but also affect its image so that others will laugh about it. You are not affecting me or akasha in front of a bunch on people that have no clue who i am or who she is, you are only making everybody here look like a bunch of frustrated telenovelists (whatever you understand from that word :P).

damn, i cant wait for the pain festival to start, i have so much anger to take out, watch out

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I guess the person who wrote in there forgot that she/he should answer in here to you, Dst..sorry..i am copy/paste the puberty and frustrations:

[quote]DST, of course you would be offended by what i said previously. Just so happens that you are part of the whole Romanian Mafia ruining this game. So please, you silly goose, take that oily t-zone of yours and gtfo!

Adelha at 09-25 03:16:47

Seems someone is suffering a lot. Pity it can't be helped.

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oh honestly could we get any more puerile? Its starting to be like watching some little kid play lego wars with choice phrases they picked up from some highly over-rated film like Juno.

The least they could have done was written an actual review, not some high foluted attention seeking insult.

I call slander.


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[quote name='Death Bell' date='25 September 2009 - 03:54 AM' timestamp='1253872496' post='42656']
why do i feel that it must have been pip who wrote that there since he wasn't made president hehe
Nono, I'd be swearing at Bob for not being president, not Mur and Akasha

And also, sure things can be said without insults, but they make a bigger impact with them, don't you think? I mean, look at this. If this person has just said "MD is good but some people make it bad", would this topic be here?

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I like udgard's spoiler XD
well i agree. it's people like that who ruin the game.
question though: why do you guys care about what that "very-polite-and-not-at-all-frustrated" player said? does it actually matter? i mean sure, what he/she said is rude and not quite nice, but he/she doesn't seem too important to me...

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