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Hello All.

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Hello everyone. I just found this fancy place a few days ago, and Ive fallen in love with the atmosphere. Ive figured out how to get around and a few other basic functions, but now I feel as though I should seek a mentor of some sort. Im very anxious to learn the ins and outs of the game as well as develop some semblance of a storyline for my character. I also happen to be an artist, so I'll probably try to join up with the artisans guild at some point... but for now I think getting comfortable with my surroundings will be enough of a task...

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Welcome To the WORLD OF TOMORROW! err.. MD... :P Great to see new talent coming to md, if you need anything feel free to ask almost anyone, most people here are quite knowledgeable and helpful.. Except me... Im Technically a Noob hater.. (so I've been told *avoids pointing fingers*)

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but look at it this way: if someone steals one of your ideas, it just means you had a really good idea
(if you don't agree, maybe we can start a war 'bout it :D )
but i'll try to be more imaginative next time

anyway, great to see you here Glume!

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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