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War has come to the realm, allied forces of Knights of the Bell and Guerrilla Golemicarum declare war on the Necrovion Sentinels, in order to extinguish the warmongering treat from Necrovion.

The situation has changed as everyone knows, Jester is now leader of the Necrovion Sentinels and he is leading with his war politics in public, without fear that others will turn on him. It's clear that if a land is preparing for war, and it's blatantly obvious, then war will come to the land soon. The current diplomatic situation for KOB and GG; for whichever land Necrovion intends to bring war to, it is our duty to help defend it. Because of that very reason, we will not wait for our enemy to prepare their forces and hit first, we will strike now, whilst they're not in full force, and we will do it on their soil. If we do not do this, our enemy would muster their forces, and war will come to our homes, our friends and families, we can't allow that. That's why at the first moment we noticed the threat, we started planning and organizing our forces to strike first.

A pre-emptive strike has already been taken against Necrovion, a part of the allied forces have already entered the land of Necrovion throughout the week, and have been hiding, waiting for the time to strike out against the warmongering Sentinels. The remainder of our allied forces are marching in at this very moment. It's a fight to bring down the leader of the Sentinels of Necrovion, Jester, and to put a stop to his warmongering politics. This isn't a fight against the shades, this is a fight against the people of Necrovion or better said, against the war politics that they're supporting. We will bring down everybody who calls themself a Necrovion Sentinel, and will claim the land of Necrovion under the rulership of Golemus Golemicarum in order to prevent the inevitable wars from there. Later, if a more worthy leader for Necrovion is found, rulership of the land will be handed to them, but until that point, the land will remain under the rulership of Golemus Golemicarum, and it's king, Yrthilian.

We offer conditions for their surrender, although we think that somebody who wages war so freely will not accept defeat this way, still we feel we must offer that possibility to them. In the case that they do wish to surrender, our demands are that the Necrovion Sentinels get disbanded, and for the alliance to be given to one of our allies. We will then decide who is to take it over for the time being, or if we are to just disband it. The lands of Necrovion will fall into hand of Golemus Golemicarum. If they wish to surrender during war, to the aforementioned conditions, we will ask for an amount of gold and silver, based on the damage done to us, to be paid to us as well, if they are unable to pay, we will take survivors as slaves who will be forced to do construction works in allied lands.

War has began!

ps we have necrovion prince marv is our hostage already, so better surrender if ya want him stay alive

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[quote name='Rhaegar Targaryen' date='20 September 2009 - 05:23 PM' timestamp='1253463809' post='42164']
hey! let go off Marvolo! :))
you're supposed to be "allied forces", pre-emptive strike so peace will be assured later on... but instead you're making genocide (torturing Marvolo) and creating a Golemus Empire! Assembly of leaders demands justice! :))

Is this LR making a statement during a time of war?
are you not suppose to be nutral?

What happens in a time of war happens.
If a prisioner need to be dealt with this will happen.

Golemus and Marind Bell entered into this war for good resion
and it was decided before the necro land gets to powerfull to stop them.
In necro lands become to powerfull we all will suffer.

Yes Golemus is involed again in yet another war i beleve this make 3 in total.
so i guess Golemus have been in every war. But we at least keep to what we say.

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[quote name='Rhaegar Targaryen' date='20 September 2009 - 05:42 PM' timestamp='1253464933' post='42167']
did i said i'm not neutral? i'm commenting your imprisonment of Marvolo... who is out of the Necrovion at the moment btw
do what you want to do with your enemies in battle, dont torture innocent prisoners

and i do not represent whole Loreroot, i'm nearly stating my opinion

Fair enough but Marvolo is of the necro land
and there for falls under the rules of war.

he has not been harmend by us in anyways and ailith is there making sure he is ok
it is now upto jester on if he live or dies

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War is war. If a country captures a known supporter of an enemy force, no matter if they still support them or not, do not think for one minute they wont try to extract every single useful piece of information. That information could end the war, and save millions of lives at the cost of one.

Its their(Sentinels) lives, or their(GG and KotB) lives.

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There has been no sign of Necrovion forces, although we have established our hold at Well of Tears. There haven't been any response from any Sentinel about this matter. If nothing happens till 2359 hours on day 262 after that allied forces will advance further making more and more land of Necrovion under ours control.

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Wow. Just wow. Here I figured that Marvolo might be one of the most avid contestors to Jester's rule. There were a lot of people from that land that were upset when he made his deceleration, but if you're just gonna hunt them all down and threaten them, they may as well join Jester. Of course, if that's not the case, then you killing them off certainly isn't bad for him.

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[quote name='Liberty4life' date='20 September 2009 - 10:17 PM' timestamp='1253459845' post='42157']
This isn't a fight against the shades, this is a fight against the [b]people[/b] of Necrovion or better said, against the war politics that they're supporting. We will bring down everybody who calls themself a Necrovion Sentinel, and will claim the [b]land[/b] of Necrovion under the rulership of Golemus Golemicarum in order to prevent the inevitable wars from there.

Hmmm... This is a war against the people, yet instead of trying to just claim their lives, you're trying to claim the land as well? I don't think there is a correct separation between people and land here. Heck, the land doesn't even [i]belong[/i] to those people you're waging war with. Not that you may not try claiming it, but using a war against the people you mentioned as a reason for claiming the land is a false reason in my opinion.

And then, if the reason for war is to stop the 'warmongering people', then why capture someone who is not part of them? I have yet to see a justifiable reason here.

Come on, if there's going to be a war, at least don't make it the same as last time. A 'war' against a group of people that is misdirected to other people as well =)

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Udgard, it is because he is a valued friend amongst them. Think for a moment. They didn't capture him because he belonged to the Sentinels. They captured him because he did, and made friends amongst those in it. Many of whom would rather relinquish their alliance so that he may remain safe.

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I am surprised that you captured Marvolo when he is not even an alliance member. This action only shows me that besides the fact that you object with Jester's actions, that you also have issues with the Dynasty as well.

You come into our lands, you have a base at the Well of Tears, you have captured a Dynasty member that has nothing to do with the Sentinels nor with the alliance at the moment, you state that you will claim both the alliance and the land and you demand an answer by midnight? In this case I demand more time to negotiate over this. If you deny me that, then you will show that the reason you are doing this, it is because you are power hungry and not because you want to stop the 'warmongering people'.

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Aye, let me make this clear to you since it seems you have not done your reading or you haven't obverved the 'enemy' close.

The Dynasty is a family. It started with Khalazdad, then his wifes and then his children. Consider us something as the royal family of Necrovion. We may not be the most powerful warriors as some, but we hold another kind of power. Knowledge, wisdom and secrets. We are observers, advisors. Our word is the law as far as it comes to Necrovion, whether some like it or not.

As for the Sentinels, they are an army. The Dynasty may choose anyone they deem worthy to lead them. But the Dynasty does not control the Sentinels. We consult them and they consult us. They do not interfere with any Dynasty plans, we do not mess with any Sentinel plans unless we are obligated to, like now.

So,my 'dear' Liberty, if you say that we are the ones who have the final word then why wasn't I notified or even do any negotiations in the first place to prevent this from happening?

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oh i see, but ya still have executive power, ya said ya are law, and ya have power to chose leader of sentinels, so why nothin has been done about it, jester is leader, but ya allow him to wage war, i cant know if i knew or didnt knew before that he wants war, but if ya have power over who is leader of sentinels and who isnt, why dont ya dismiss jester from his current position, if ya do allied forces will dismiss, that is if ya still have power to do so

so ya see to me its clear that war politics arent dynasty plans, but if dynasty has power to stop it why dont ya do it, since ya dont care to stop it, ya are held responsible and therafore ya should fall as well, healthy logic

edit: oh yeah, marv is free but guybrush is now my slave

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