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I Move And Everything Flashes Black

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Every time i click to move to another location the image from the place i am and the borders of the rolling down thing start to flash black...btw along with the nformation scrolls too at the right side(i really dont know if its my old lappy or the game itself...im using firefox)

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could this be the cause:
[quote][color="#cccccc"]2009-09-23 19:44:54 - Alpha 9[/color]
Work is in progress for what will be called "Voice of the Realm". If you see black clouds or hear spooky tunes, do not worry, doomsday is near :rolleyes: ..no, just testing things for this feature. More details about what this "voice" is will be announced when it will be ready. In some parts of the map it is allready functioning.[/quote]

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i'm gonna go ahead and say no here IaB, cos the thing was happening before today, and nobody else complained about it. and the Voice thing i believe Mur has only been playing with the past couple of days, or possibly today only

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I also experienced this problem (after the announcement about the updates taking place)
The scene flashes on and off, fixed by refreshing.
Also noticed the scenes not loading at all, but players and chat remain, only happened twice so far refreshing seems to fix it after a while.

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