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The Caretakers


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The first order of business, should the leadership fall to me, is for my Shadow Walker's to arrest and torture a certain MP3 for bringing Graffiti into The Tribunal Lands! >_< :))

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[quote name='Fenrir Greycloth' date='21 September 2009 - 06:36 AM' timestamp='1253511393' post='42253']
Mur hasnt logged in for 5 days. Let the topic die and he will choose someone to lead, if he chooses at all.

If you refer to logging into the forum its because he cant actually get enough bandwidth to access the site, If you were referring to the game he has logged in every day

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[quote name='Fenrir Greycloth' date='22 September 2009 - 01:05 PM' timestamp='1253642723' post='42360']
Does anyone know where in the Tribunals we can view the current alliances? Like in Marinds Bell they are in the Sanctuary, and Loreroot in the big tree (I forget what it is called... Raven's hold?)

I do not believe they are posted in The Tribunal Lands yet, Fenrir. I've wondered that myself. Soon to come, I am sure.

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The Caretakers of The Tribunal Lands of The East (Slightly updated)

What This Alliance Means To Me:

This alliance means a great deal to me. It is the chance for new ideas and fresh faces to come together and make her great! The Tribunal lands need leaders who have are void of egos and have no stomach for politics. Having said that, I am no way ignorant of the fact that politics are part of this whole process. It is a chance for something new, different, and exciting!

If the leadership is granted to me, I will guard her jealously and with great zeal! The Tribunal Lands will be an exciting one to watch!

I looked at the suggested roles and thought that I would go on a different road. I wish for this new alliance to be different from all the others. Not a carbon copy of the others.

Purpose and Goals of the Caretakers

The Tribal Lands are yet an unknown entity. The Caretaker's purpose is to preserve the lands from those who wish to exploit it. The structures within the lands are ancient, delicate, and elegant in their architecture and will be preserved as Historical Land Marks. The Caretakers will keep the lands documented as more areas are uncovered.

Role of The Caretakers

A caretaker's primary concern is the well being of the Tribunal lands, structures, and future inhabitants. They will be highly visible through out the lands to keep an eye on the activity of inhabitants and guests alike.

The First Six Seats

(1) Tribunal Leader - Leadership of any alliance is a heavy burden and must be assumed with great reverence, dignity, and fairness. This role is one that deals with all aspects of Tribunal preservation. This role must not be taken likely as they must deal with all walks of life in a fair and diplomatic fashion; a cool and level head is a must.

(2) Captain of The Keepers- The Captain's role is to maintain the chats so there are no spoilers, offensive language, or inappropriate behavior that are better off left to private conversations in pms.

(3) Chief of Grievances- The Chief's role is to ensure settlement of disputes among residents and nonresidents so everyone has an enjoyable experience within the Tribunal Lands.

(4) Head Ranger- The Head Ranger's role is ensure the preservation and the integrity of undeveloped land and to document unknown and known animals that reside there. This role is also to document any mineral deposits that are discovered.

(5) High Trader - The High Trader's role is to ensure documentation, registration, and functionality of all traders or merchants who wish to set up shop. He/She is also responsible to take care of any grievances that might accur between merchants and traders and customers. He/she will also be in charge of setting up markets in the square.

(6) Chief of Stuctures - The Chief's role is ensure the maintance and protection of all statuary from vandalism and abuse. He is also in charge of the set up and collection of marble so that new statuary can be created or repaired.

(7) Master Blacksmith - This seat is responsible for the research, design, and documentation of all armor and weapons created in or brought forth into the lands. This person will also create a stable for horses to be brought forth into rping. He will make sure that they are borded and well kept. Branding will be the utmost repsonsibility. We need to keep these horses well documented.

(8) Chancelor of Holistic Virtue- This Chancelor's role is the organization of healers to care for injuries and maladies that occur inside the borders of the land. He must ensure that all healers are documented and active throughout the Eastern Lands.

(9) Divine Muse - No good leader can exist without great self arrogance unless he/she has the greatest mind to advise him/her. The Divine Muse will gather the best minds in all aspects of governing, planning, and so forth to guide the Leadership of The Tribunal Lands.

(10) Major General of The Shadow Walkers(Temporary) - The Major General's role is to dispatch his Shadow Walkers to police within The Tribunal borders. They will be hardened and skilled warriors from all walks of life.

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Is this still being chosen? I mean, I know there is a war going on, but I would like to start creating the Caretakers, and organizing things. (If I am to be chosen of course)

If mur doesn't think any of us aren't the right people to lead it, or none of the ideas are suitable, I think we should know. :rolleyes:

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Yes, I totally understand he may be busy with something. And patience is a virtue leaders need to possess, but dangling the carrot in front of a rabbit isn't fun after two weeks. :rolleyes:

What does Mur have to do with the War?

Raven, MB, not a pun directed at you... :P

Second Post:

The Caretakers are ritualists. They thrive on their rituals, for that is what is important to them. Their rituals are based on the living, as well as the dead. For the purpose of judging them, and for remembering their feats and flaws. To remember them as they were is more important than remembering what they did. The festivals we hold in honour of the living(not necessarily people) have a hidden purpose.

To the public, the Caretaker is responsible for maintaining the monuments, as well as the graves. For taking care of the living, and the dead, and to take care of the memories. Their actions towards the Seal of Six is to act as Squires, and Advisors if they so wish.

The rituals and festivals held by the Caretakers will be held in order to bring culture to those who wish to inhabit the land. To create a tight niche. The first project the Caretakers will take on, is PR(public relations). PR is important for image. We wish to cultivate that image with these festivals and bring in those who fit with the land. After this project has been some what accomplished, the secondary nature of the Caretakers will show through. Death.

Life is important, but without Death, Life is not Life. Burials and Remembrance of those who have passed is extremely important. As Awiiya has done, we shall do as well. Remember the Legends, those who have departed, and remember what they brought to this world in the form of festivals.

The caretakers perform these rituals for the publics benefit, but they will also perform private rituals of a much Darker nature. I do not plan on explaining the purpose of these rituals as they are private, however, the caretakers are not fuzzy little chairmen of a city, but have a dualist nature. :)

With the festivals, fairs, and galas the Caretakers will throw to build culture and respect amongst them (the people), the Caretakers will become an essential part of the land, just as the sky and fields of grain are an essential part of the peoples happiness.

[i]The Structure of the alliance is much like the structure of a town. The Grandmaster will not take upon the role of Mayor, however. That is not the Caretakers goal![/i] [/left]

[b]The structure of the alliance is as goes:[/b]

[left]-[i]Grandmaster Caretaker[/i]:
- The Grandmaster will be responsible for the organization of the festivals, the maintaining of rituals, and will act as Judge between feuding inhabitants. Will also be responsible for the study and publication of the Tribunal lands, as well as the Tribunal's Quests. [Will be using my own Q Doc as the Alliance Quest Doc]

-[i]Master of Health[/i]:
- The Master of Health is required to have experience in herbs and remedies for the general populace, as well as knowledge of the body of both human, and animal akin.[ie healing spells]

-[i]Master of Manuscripts[/i]:
- The Master of Manuscripts is responsible for the documentation and recording of events, festivals, and special occasions during their lifetime. I will be getting the ability to edit RPC items, and edit certain items to include history.

-[i]Master of Culture[/i]:
- The Master of Culture is responsible for the general reports of the reception of different cultural events and advises the Grandmaster on the daily life of the common folk. Also responsible for the burial ceremonies of the deceased.

-[i]General Caretakers[/i]:
- The General Caretakers are the major workforce of the Caretakers, dealing with commonplace practices, hidden practices, and the training to become Master, and eventually Grandmaster.[/left]

[b]Festival and Ritual Ideas/topics[/b]:

- To celebrate the monuments in the tribunals, to bring respect to those who have died.

- Rituals to care for the graves and the mausoleums.

- Rituals to keep the dead peaceful, and the living happy. We all have a fear of death and must keep that fear at bay by making the deceased happy.

- Festivals to celebrate the memories of the dead, and the futures of the living.

I have always felt that MagicDuel lacked culture in general. We do have story night, which I always attend if I can! And then there was Handy(and Awiiyas) and their Ritual of the Seeds. I loved that. That was something special that I really enjoyed. I may be taking on something out of my league, I recognize that, but if Calyx was able to create the Dojo, if Pample could make the Story Night, and if Handy could have an Alliance idea originate from those seeds, then I am willing to add something lasting as well.

Some things I have yet to show to most of the people in MD are my leadership, and people abilities. I have them; I use them all the time in Real life, now it is time to apply these skills in MD. A project such as this would definitely help me prove my worth to the community, instead of just sharing ideas, and provoking thoughts(good or bad)!

My role as the Seeker of Lockets will not change as Leader for the alliance. If anything, my role will be incorporated and will enhance it. Artefacts are a major part of culture, and who better than the Seeker of Lockets to add those artefacts.


This is the updated version of my application. I have reorganised and smoothed out some language as well as listed the kind of rituals/festivals the Caretakers shall hold. I will keep updating it.

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