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The Group I Have Made Called The Tribunals Researchers

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For one thing i am sure: the lands of the east were mentioned before and me and the team i gathered are the explorers of the lands. The lands are actually opened because of some small things we have done, aka read AL and you will have your history.

SO, before you start imaging demons and other WOW characters you better start researching or ASK .

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Now im not entirely sure but i think this is aimed at you

[2009-09-04 10:49:14 - Alpha 9]
Note: Please do not start to make up legends and "history" for Lands of The East / Tribunal. Suppositions and research (or research attempts) or logic connections between the lands are welcome if you wish to do that, but not stories presented as actual truth or "Lore". Thank you.

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Currently there is only one place in the tribunal that has a history(at least i am saying it has a history, and yes this did actually happen in terms of RP quite a while ago), and that is the pub, because it wasn't originally there, the pub was originally winds, except about a year ago i ate it, and kept it, it has only been brought out on a few of the major events i have been to, such as weddings, and MD's birthday (at least i think that was when), but then when following the people who were exploring the tribunal, i discovered a spot, that was perfectly flat, and had a spot in it that looked as if the pub would fit in it perfectly, so i tried, and it fit. The fact that is fit perfectly, made me decide to leave it there, and keep the pup open perminately, not just open on special events. The name of this pub? well that was lost at some point along the past year, and so it has been renamed, B.O.B. which stands for Born Of Boredom, as it was truly Born Of Boredom.

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