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M B: War Call!

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Meh, from what I know vampires are mostly european tales..at least I still haven't seen anything vampiristic in eastern lore..

Of course, we have the demons, ghosts etc, but nothing like a vampire as in has extreme fangs, sucks blood, cannot be exposed to daylight and has inhuman strength/hypnotic eyes.

The closed that comes to it is a jiangshi, but that's more of a puppet, no vampire as such.

Ah, explains. Didn't read your edit.
And yeah, I recognized your hints there with the special stuff :))

But eastern vampires..*shrugs*

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The Mistress has grown, and is now capable of moving about without the help of a Grasan to carry the corpse...

Better watch out, they are now dealing with more than one opponent at once, and gather the strenght of lots of people all around...

Soon Mistress Jiang will rech the full potential of the Berserker's body she is inhabitating, lock your children in their rooms and tell them to not answer when strangers knock at their windows...

After killing over 300 poor souls all over MD, Jiang is almost completely restored.
She grew fond of her new body, steeled from the fierce battles, and has found a blade to wield... i haven't asked where she got it, but it looks strangely like the Royal Long Sword from Willow's Shop...

Anyways, her body was restored, but her magical abilities were not.
Therefore, the Mistress asked one last favor from me: She needed my blood, since she felt the powerful spells which coursed through my veins, and i willingly made this final sacrifce, even though almost all my powers were consumed by it...
Now she is truely back, the fearsome Jiang Shilith of the Lands of the East has returned, to bring doom over the lands of MagicDuel, and she is starting her crusade with the werewolves!

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well my post comes veeeery late, but hey better ever then never:

burns dont you dare to try to hurt my little welpes or my brother marv again, i am trying to raise a alliance and i WILL try to hold them a little bit back, as you know we are beast that have to mark there teritorium, vampires are our enemies but i cannot accept that a little pack fought against only one vampire, this is honourless.

i wont let that happen again or i will try it at least, but if you wish to start a hunt against us then fine, but dont forget, with every bite of us there will be raised a new welp, you could say that we are some kind of virus that spreads those lands.....and i have infected some people that have wished to become one of us.

good, i will be glad that the queen of the vampires restore her powers, but she will have to choose against she wants to fight with, with me or with marv.

(but i hope we still stay friends xD)

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