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The Insomniac Club

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*notes time* 2:30a.m., sounds about right....

I just decided, like a minute ago, that i want to start an unofficial group; The Insomniacs Club

I would, naturally, be the leader and founder.

Requirements for joining;
[list][*]You have to actually be/ suffer from Insomnia, this means being awake until past 2/3am most nights, or that's how I apply the measure :([*]....actually, I think that's about it....[/list]If you want to join post here, I may or may not assess Insomnia levels, this depends on your country, but seeing as I occaisionally go a few days without sleep, I should be able to assess every applicant :D

Successful members will get a note in their PL saying they're a member :D
Might get something else, but I really cant think of any other free (to me) gifts atm.

~The Insomniac

[u]Members so far;[/u]
Madalina Fitzroy

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HA! i knew exatly who would have made this topic when i read the title in new content.

The adverts are intresting perhaps you should read some of them.

And btw, im not an insomiac but its you people who make me stay online!

Much Much too late.

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Well, I suffer from it in bouts. Often I find that I go to bed feeling exhausted, but end up just lying there watching the hours tick by as it where.
Occassionally I jst end up getting out of bed at about 1:30/2:00 am and watching tv or something. Doesn't sound late, but when your supposed to be up at 8 for work and your lucky to get 2 hours sleep.....
So then you think, Im so bloody tired now I will sleep for sure tonight. WRONG! You can scratch that off your to do list.
Having done night work for several years can I just say this. If you value your 8 hours sleep at night NEVER EVER do night work. It took me years to be able to get used to sleeping all night again.
And there is something really wrong with driving home as the rest of the world seems to be driving to work. Or my personal favourite; going for breakfast in the canteen and then going home to bed.

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topics died out? Or has it just not been updated yet. Kinda half curious if grudo just wanted to find out who else cant keep their eyes shut or if hes planning on doing something with that info *smiles*.

*votes for making a blood shot mob and terrorizing the streets while everyone else is passed out*

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[quote name='Esmerelda' date='31 August 2009 - 12:24 AM' timestamp='1251658457' post='40478']
Can i join? Me sleeps from 3.30 a.m to 6.00 a.m.

*shifty* don't tell my mum though. She'll scream..
the question is what do you do so late o_O

and my sleep time is 12 hours a day or sumthing.. hehe

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*smirks and looks at clock* yep 3 am... I have to wake up in about 4 hours I bet I will go to bed about 4 am still browsing through forums and waiting for friend to come online! lol oh well I dont sleep more then 3-5 hours per night so I think I will join meetings in paper cabin! wooot bring the beverages! cheers

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