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My Name Is Enigma

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[quote name='Enigma' date='25 August 2009 - 12:35 AM' timestamp='1251156922' post='40198']
Oh... So you guys drink a lot here? O_o (drinks too)

well, it hasnt been known for one Mod to get a little drunk.

But it doesnt matter what i say because he will forget by this morning.

But this is a topic to you, So Welcome! Enjoy your stay and ask anything you want to

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at last check, there were 3 pubs in the realm

to cope with the copius spamming i drink, vicsious circle, i spam, i get annoyed, i drink, so i spam :D

and i'll not forget, i'll remember all the silly things i do

but genuinely, any help or anything, i lead ,y minions to help people, my minions being the people with *'s arounf their names

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hehe, believe they're at Defensive Quarters in Loreroot, Willows Shop, and Winds Sanc in Marinds Bell, i tend to stick to the ones in real life, as i have tonight :D

good good, glad to hear you're enjoyign things here

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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