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Memory Limit Bugs

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Lately I have been having problems with memory allocation and being able to get enough space to put everything I have to say in papers and RPC items.

Earlier with papers I hit the limit, and it deleted everything I added after a certain point. Seeing no way to get around it, I just split the document up into two (this is my K document, by the way. It is the reason I have alts in it).

Yesterday I hit another limit, this one a lot more concrete.

[attachment=1094:Picture 2.png]

I'm fairly sure Mur already knows about it, because I'm fairly sure fatal errors are sent to him. However, would it be possible to up the memory allocation a bit, or give certain people more memory on their documents? I know of no one else who has ever hit the limit (with the exception of IAB, but only because he linked to lots of others pages, had a refresh, and other silliness).



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Let me try and explain.

For every paper, RPC item, or something similar to that there is a byte limit. Bytes are characters, images, that sort of thing. Anything that you can see takes up bytes, which is the memory allotted on your drive. For the papers that byte limit occurs inside the actual coding page, so if you go over it, it just deletes the bottom part of your code. For RPC items, it doesn't delete the bottom part of your coding. Instead, it throws a fatal error telling you that you went over the byte limit.

If you upload an image too large using the MD image upload, it lets you know right then and there that you have too many pixels. I believe the limit is around 400x400, but I'm a little iffy on that. There is no fatal error.

Does that make sense? If you don't get it, don't worry about it. I'm fairly sure Mur does, and he's the only one that can do anything about it anyways.


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oh and i have done away with much of the sillyness, as i now have just a seperate I-Frame with the page in it, this has done away with a lot of teh sillyness....

and i have yet to experience anything saying i have exceeded the alloted space.....

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docs are kept in a db not as files and there is a limit on how big they can be. That limit wont change because it could turn into a major security risk. Its huge as it is anyway. What i can do is give you a private space on mdrpc.com to upload your files as FILES and link to them from your papers. mdrpc.com is not only for rpcs but for all that realy need it and have the required reputation so that i can trust them enough, and i think you do.

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[quote name='I am Bored' date='29 August 2009 - 04:54 PM' timestamp='1251561279' post='40429']
oh and btw i just got acess to those items as well, adn would the i-frame tags also work in teh scripting? as i might run out of space in my quest.... as this is how i plan to start getting my creature book out there.

It does work. And is the only way to embed a lot of stuff into the rpc objects and papers

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Yes, it does work. Me and Chewett had a lot of fun (well, I had fun. Not sure if he did) figuring out how it would work.

Furthermore, you can make the background transparent so it looks as if you're not using an iframe at all. The only issue we ran into was that the CSS that Magicduel automatically has is not applied to iframes, so we had to write it ourselves.

If you have questions about that, message me.


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