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Abuse Of Silence Spell

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*cough* 2 years old thread, RPCs are no more *cough*
Oh...and in case you care/wonder/whatever and still live under those rules consider that I have been "punished" :D
[quote]On the first offence, the player will be warned, telling them of what the spell is meant for.[/quote]

Now...wait for me to shut you up few more times. Or if you are impatient...well..there are ways to "get ride of me".

Thank you for your attention and have a good night :)

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Actually they should have Curse protection. Ho yeah we can use that Witch Hut North of winds sanctuary. Just get Witch there and Here it goes like this Spell protection lvl 1= 1 silver = 50 % chance

Lol jester be quiet. This is something that shouldn't be allowed, but who will stop you? If your friend reports you I don't think he is much of an friend but who will give you that warning? Boone.

I knew how to cast the spell and what it does from day 10 I think (Bunny's festival)... Never bothered to read the consequences and marked it "when needed" in my head. Used it two or three times on fl

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[quote name='Rhaegar Targaryen' timestamp='1294261785' post='76883']
dst abusing [color=#4b0082][silence][/color] spell on me for entirely personal/subjective reasons

This is so much fun. I haven't had that much fun on forum since ... I don't remmember.

This is really fun.

So: Considering your image, who else should be punished ?
Let me count :
Ravenstrider as a revengeful friend
1. posted in chat the spell -> first warning
2. no reason for using spell -> second warning
3. trying to silence an LHO -> I forgot, what was the punishment for this ?

you, Princ Rhaegar:
1. Just report it, to proper LHO, attacking the image of LHO is bad
2. posting images with that spell in clear is bad (1-2 warnings as it is on forum)
3. so what ? do you want some more ? [img]http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/public/style_emoticons/default/tongue.gif[/img]

Do consider all the consequences before you posting / answer on forum.

Edited by Grido
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[attachment=2496:dst - shut up abuse 2.JPG]

oh excuse me :)
tho the experianced player who casted it (Dst) should be more careful when casting it against older players who didn't nothing wrong (Princ Rhaegar - that is me), in public, so certain people wouldn't get a spoiler on how to cast a silence spell

for all I know, Ravenstrider (the young unexperianced player) might have just checked the spell words (since Dst said something in the chat that lead him to believe that certain spell is triggered by saying certain words).
Even tho the player "No One" is turning my words against Ravenstrider, before focusing on him, I would suggest you to focus on a person who casted it first and who knew what were the consequences (dst)

Furthermore, LHOs aren't the proper authority who deals with abusers, (average ones anyway), since they can do exactly what I can do, and that is alert the community on forums, or contact certain officials. And I will contact Grido about this, since Dst is damaging LHO reputation.

I hope I explained clearly enough so you (No One, the player) don't get any conffusions anymore

Edited by Rhaegar Targaryen
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oh, I see

yea, 167 of activity days means he is "unexperienced".

and ... you ... for your 722 active days ... I will say that you are "unexperienced" because you missed that thing in the picture

then me, "No One" / "the young unexperianced player" might just want to check some words too :) that is fun, really

then if he can do it , so can I :P

as of now .... I am a new in MD, youupee

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yes, 167 days of activity sounds pretty young for me.
Plus, his "crime" is a victimless "crime".

A Crime was done to me tho, and I reported that, crime that was done to me, I'm ignoring other scenery unrelated to me in this report (don't know how to simplify it even more to you)

Not to mention you are constantly putting up Ravenstrider as guilty, but you didn't acknowledged Dst's guilt here to be allowed to move to Ravenstrider, which looks perverse to me at least

Edited by Rhaegar Targaryen
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thank you, i know

actually ... i got your point from the beginning, but if you want to admit that dst is wrong and must be punished then by your own own mistake you condemning Ravenstrider too

that is why I said (I hate to repeat myself) :

"Do consider all the consequences before you posting / answer on forum. "

tsk dst
tsk Ravenstrider
tsk Princ

so, consider all three of you punished

Now have fun

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1) Ravenstrider is MP5. This means he has passed both the learning stages, and his first tick in the "Experienced Player" box.
2) Once you reach ~80 days you aren't really new anymore, unless all you do is log in and out to get the active days (and the only people who do that are alts, who themselves aren't new). Players who are younger than ~80 days are still inclined to leave at the drop of a hat, but players who have spent 2.5 months in MD are significantly less so (hence why they are no longer considered new). They are also highly capable of being well known amongst their peers, and will for the most part already have a reputation in the community. Now, Ravenstrider is well known, plays almost every day, and seems to know exactly what he is doing, so that is another tick in the "Experienced Player" box.
3) He is in an alliance, and has been for a long time. Only a negligent alliance allows new members to stay inexperienced, and unless you want to call the Sentinels a negligent alliance who doesn't do their job, its pretty hard to argue he wouldn't have been taught enough to be considered experienced. Yet another tick in the "Experienced Player" box (unless you feel like disputing that one and calling the Sentinels negligent?)

So.... we have three ticks in a box that needs one...

Yeah, sorry, he's experienced.

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oh sorry, so if someone is an mp5, that has a default of "being experienced". Yes 160 activity days are enough to read every forum post that happened years before his existence in this world.
I love how you Kyphis are the only one who has those lawbooks in your pocket, too bad I can't find those to read as well.

My post stands clearly there.
Just because she is a LHO, like you said No One, that means that certain standards are there for her to follow. Abusing spells like Silence aren't in that code of honor.
She used it on me without justification, Ravenstrider saw the words and tried them out (logical, if you look at his age).

here I see only "tsk dst"

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I knew how to cast the spell and what it does from day 10 I think (Bunny's festival)... Never bothered to read the consequences and marked it "when needed" in my head. Used it two or three times on flooders, and that's about it...

I will endure any punishment gladly if dst does the same. I do jail time, dst does same amount of jail time. One mention of leniency towards veterans and I'll complain. I don't really care about all of this... We were having fun, dst reacted without taste... I reacted by doing the same. Rhaegar wants to file a complaint, fine with me.

As a LHO one should be more aware of the consequences then the average Joe... I don't think the attitude dst has is suitable for the job... The LHOs think differently... Fine... It's a different topic entirely...

Offtopic, on LHOs- I've seen LHOs that help too much and risk creating "the idiot player" and I've seen LHOs who don't help at all and just defeat their purpose... Dst is the latter... As I've said multiple times I give respect where respect is due. I don't respect dst as a LHO...It's a job and she does it badly.

Besides, what in Mur's name does being a LHO have with using the silence spell... I don't see moderation in their job description... Or is this another one of those social status things?

I play a character that is not likeable... I do it on purpose... I go around making bad jokes and mocking people whenever I can... That's a part of my irl personality, but not all of it, sadly... There's the good guy part as well... I don't want Ravenstrider to be social or be friends with everyone... and I don't want to be friends with people that Ravenstrider isn't friends with because it would certainly ruin my rp experience... (I've had one fight more than plenty in various RP games to know that it's a bad thing) Which brings me to the knife whenever I face the community more or less... At least my theory... But I've gone way offtopic now... Just wanted to make some stuff clear.

So swing the axe or get a miniature gillotine, or whatever... I don't care... Btw, would be nice if you wouldn't discuss me while I'm not here... or at least tell me I'm on a trial before you pass the sentence. Thank you.

So, did I clear up everything? I'll answer any other question, if anyone has one.

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This is a small issue that has spiraled out farther than it should. Princ will continue being stubborn, dst (No one as well, it seems) will keep doing what she does best; aggravating the problem, and nobody will be better for it.

Now, from the screenshot, dst was leaving anyways and so is four minutes of silence that you won't be around to experience REALLY important enough to have a big fuss over? As well, I don't see anything that Princ would've done to deserve a silence, but the chat is quite far up. From my perspective, there should be no punishing of EITHER party: the silence spell should simply be removed, because the silence spell works better as a way to punish people for abusing it than an actual moderating tool; as I can only assume was intended. Would we be any worse off without it? We have a multitude of other tools, least of which is simply talking. Or is there not enough hours in the day to spend a few minutes having a conversation?

As for things such as "dst is an LHO, dst is a vet, Ravenstrider is unexperienced, he said this, she said that" none of it is relevant. This is a ridiculous argument and it shouldn't be happening.

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Rheagar, please use your brain next time to you wish "report" such matters.

Firstly you see that the post has been made by RPC's which no longer exist, so you use the topic anyway to bring an abuse to light... ok ish.

Disrespect on Lhos? Just becase dst is an lho, doesnt mean her every action is labled as a lho, she surely has to stand up to a higher level of intorrogation of her actions but im sure it would have been easier to pm grido if you are that worried about the Lho's name. Also if you are so worried, why are you highlighting an issue with them, further bringing their name "down" as you are already worried about it?

160 AD is not new at all... Look at what raven has done here, look at all the avatars he has produced and such. If you want to have the elitist "Oh he is only a noob becuase he only has been here X day and iv been here Y days" then you are most definitely a noob for posting this topic Rheagar, only having been here for 700ish days.

The abuse is a minor one, having cast the spell once or so. The only "crime" is making me waste time which i could be doing other things, ranting and closing this topic.

One abuse is nothing to make a post about, So i dont want everyone making a post about it, if someone is abusing it greatly, and there are people doing so, then collect evidence, and email and post it here or email [council]

The topic is closed, the topic is unpinned.

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