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[quote name='Shadowseeker' date='29 August 2009 - 12:48 AM' timestamp='1251524902' post='40413']
Mm..not to mention we have such T-shirts already.

I don't remember for sure, but I think MRHolyONe collects them..not to mention mugs, MDA decorated or so?

If MD has such things, I sure haven't found them on the Home Page! Maybe I'll make some up to show Mur and then get my own home business. Winter Solstice is just around the corner! T-shirts! Mugs! And those cute Bobble Heads! Chewy would make a lovely bobbing head creature! I can super glue it to my dashboard and every time I get angry, WHAP!

Just kidding, chewy!

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Awwww I clicked the wrong button XD. Oh well, I would have voted for "Whats a Mur?" and The Bob one.

Maybe others would be:

1.a.Click the scroll.
1.b.Click the scroll to begin.
1.c.Click the scroll to begin your adventure.

2.Don't worry, I'm an LHO.<-----this would have to be my favourite

3.Hi, you must be an Angien
cause you're out of this world!

4.Roleplaying:It's what I do.

5.Get lost! (in the Labyrinth)

6.Arrows confuse me.

7.Don't mind me, I'm just passing by.

8.I (insert picture of heart) BOB (engraved on a tree(Bob))

9.(on the front a picture of Bob)
(on the back the back of Bob(inverted pic of Bob))

10.(on the front a list of the 10 principles with check boxes)
(on the back)Choose Wisely.

11.(on the front the first picture of the Labyrinth with the sign)
(on the back you have the one picture with the 2 arrows(left and right) in the Labyrinth)
(and both the front and the back paths are connected so its like its just a circle with one way in)

12.I have (list three principles example:)
and light...
what do you have?

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Here's a thought:

Front of T-shirt: Picture of the Tribunal interior Pub with the Sign above it; "Rent this Space"

Front of T-Shirt: What's a Noob?

Front of T-Shirt; Elmer Fudd with Rifle saying, "Shhhh. Be wery werry quiet. Im going Head Hunting. On his belt hangs Daffy and Bugs heads complete with X's for eyes.
Back of Shirt: Avatars of next victims.

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Gotta love topic sensitive adverts :D
"Say it with love - Personalised gifts for Valentine's Day" (underwear btw)
one of my issues with that would be how long until V day it is :)

anywho, not that you're necceserily being serious with the Elmer Fudd idea, but if you were there'd be copyright issues :D

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