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Roleplay: Ifs, Ands, And Buts...


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[quote name='Aeoshattr' date='11 September 2009 - 08:12 AM' timestamp='1252653178' post='41506']
And i am planning to get to Mp6, as a matter of fact. even if it involves making 40 alts.

Well grido already pointed out that this would involve you being banned, Yet it looks very much planned out to me. Even if you joke you wouldnt it seems like you have planned to do this...

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[quote name='Aeoshattr' date='11 September 2009 - 08:48 AM' timestamp='1252651681' post='41504']
Answer to Kafuuka(1):
What was i supposed to say?!!? Would you make a list with your potential weaknesses and hand them over? Alright, if some just can't use the neurons mother nature apparently didn't give them, i'lll just make a list. Or is it really that hard to draw conclusions from my story?
1. The subtle knife, as i said.
2. My emotions. My greatest weakness. I usually keep them under control, but i am very easy to annoy (as you can see here) therefore i go berserk which represents a great weakness. any knight could confirm that.
3. My friends. If one of them is threatened i just give up, with the condition of them not being harmed
4. Myself. Even my weakest abilities consume titanic amounts of energy. I cannot fight for more than a few minutes[/quote]
I never made an explicit list of weaknesses because there are too many. If you read my comments on self, it is stated clearly that:[list]
[*]Kafuuka is a human -> he'll die if stabbed at any of the vital organs, or just stabbed repeatedly, or bashed with a blunt weapon a couple of times.
[*]Kafuuka is versed in only two arts that are related to combat: crossbows and fencing with a rapier. It is implied he considers those sports and doesn't understand the concept of fighting 'dirty'.
[*]Kafuuka currently carries no armor, no rapiers and one crossbow which is consecrated to hunting, making it useless unless he'd decide to eat you or wear your skin. And while irl I'd have a healthy fear of a person wielding a meat cleaver, I doubt people with actual tools of war would.

I suppose I have to admit not being able to use neurons I don't have... maybe one day we'll actually get to quantum computing and resolve that issue. Meanwhile, I'll use those I did get.
1. It's been mentioned before that you have the knife and we probably would need to exploit a weakness in order to steal the knife and be able to use this weakness...
2. Even if you go berserk, I wouldn't be able to cut you without the subtle knife. Hoping you'd injure yourself, doesn't sound like an interesting tactic.
3. I doubt it. You would obey my orders until you find an opening and are capable of removing the threat. Hostage situations are very very tricky.
4. If I get this correct, I have to survive a couple of minutes of very dangerous abilities and then you wouldn't be able to actively attack me. I however would never have been able to, nor become it at that point.

[quote]Answer to Kafuuka(2): Quoting from my PL, what I WROTE IN IT: "No longer allowed to interfere with lower planes of existence... Alas, rules are meant to be broken" <-- use your neurons on that.
5.the list could go on with countless things.
6. My story is not complete. i think it ends with "to be continued" -__-'[/quote]
I referred to your profile, which at the time did not include that exception. Seeing as you hid it and I did not take a screenshot, it will be your word against mine, yet the sudden hiding certainly makes mine more plausible.

Oh, and kafuuka, "areal" is actually "unreal" as far as my english goes...
My bad, that should've been aerial. The two sound similar to me. With English being my third language, I pray you forgive me for that mistake. I do wonder if your English will forgive you for not writing it with a capital E?
My dictionary also says areal means 'of or relating to or involving an area', not that it means unreal.

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[quote name='Aeoshattr' date='11 September 2009 - 01:48 AM' timestamp='1252651681' post='41504']Answer to Lucius
I was hoping not to have to argue with you, but it seems i have to.
1. There is a stargate game about to be launched. I don't think you can play an ascended in it, but you will most probably be able to in a sequel.
2. 99% of the players are things that "are not implied by the Magic Duel setting"
3. I've been RP-ing for... 12 years. You?
4.Yes, i took that weapon from the "His dark materials" series. Would you make a list of your weaknesses in your pages? I lied, as part of the RP. DUHH!! you would hide your weaknesses as well. actually i don't think i've ever seen a list of weak spots in ANY PLAYER PAGE. and i read the papers of all players i meet.
5. Yes, RP-ing "roleplaying should consider what a character cannot do as much as what s/he can do" I agree with that.[/quote]
1. I'm not saying there are NO systems I know of that can't accommodate your character - GURPS can, if it is setup a certain way by a GM friendly to such ideas, and it's not the only one. I'm saying the majority of systems don't accommodate such characters... and if you re-read my post carefully, I even give you MD as being ambiguous enough to allow it.
2. That's a rather high overestimate. I'll give you 60-75%.
3. Thirty.
4. Zlei answered this pretty well, so I won't re-hash it. But Lucius' weakness is not hard to figure out if you read his papers carefully, because it is implicit - but not explicit - in the papers.
5. Hurray! We agree. :P

[quote]In my opinion, you all are so caught up by this "mechanics RP" because you are so frustrated that players won't do what you want them to do. you are trying to manipulate us, by using your influence in this game and what you have best here. Not like anything's wrong with that, but it's just the most annoying, self centered thing I can think of.[/quote]
That's not really fair, and several players have objected with good reason. I favor mechanics-based RP because that is the way I have handled conflict resolution [u]in every other RPG I have ever played[/u]. Some, notably Guybrush Threepwood, have indicated that the MD dueling system isn't perfectly suited to RP simulation. I think that's a slightly misleading argument. All RPGs must resort to abstraction somewhere. The question is not "can the system simulate [x action] perfectly?" because no system can. Hardcore "simulationist" RPGs have limited appeal, also. The point is that a system of conflict-resolution exists somewhere in any RPG, and MagicDuel has one. Therefore the question should be, "How can we use the dueling system to simulate [x action]?" I'd rather see attempts to integrate the dueling system than free-wheeling, god-mode prone chat-fighting RP with no system of conflict resolution.

Zlei is one of the best RP fighters around, and he gets a lot of respect from me: but his system requires maturity, imagination, and trust. Players who exhibit such traits don't god-mode. It really is that simple... and that difficult.

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O.o i wasn't expecting so many answers.
Question, Lucius, were there ANY games to support RP 30 years ago?... i thought there was only Mario back then XD

Anyway, i'm not checking or posting in this section anymore. My posts draw negative reputation like magnets :)

[quote name='phantasm' date='11 September 2009 - 09:34 PM' timestamp='1252694097' post='41545']
plus lucius is one of the best rpers in the game...both in my opinion and fact...id take what he says to heart
Agree with that. I also respect Lucius

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[quote name='Aeoshattr' date='12 September 2009 - 12:11 PM' timestamp='1252775486' post='41618']
O.o i wasn't expecting so many answers.
Question, Lucius, were there ANY games to support RP 30 years ago?... i thought there was only Mario back then XD
Only the grandfather of them all: Dungeons and Dragons. :)

I was a kid. It confused the heck out of me. :D But we still played.

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[quote name='Tarquinus' date='12 September 2009 - 03:23 PM' timestamp='1252783387' post='41628']
Only the grandfather of them all: Dungeons and Dragons. ;)

I was a kid. It confused the heck out of me. :D But we still played.

The closest actual MMORPG was around 18 years ago called The Realm. A game a few guys i knew created and then later sold to Sierra. Before that there were only MUDs

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My take on roleplaying:

I never say I have anything magic that I don't actually have in spells. Items and stuff, I fib sometimes, such as watering cans and seeds (although the first one eventually was created).

I think it's very pointless to cast super magic spells and dance around like a lunatic. The point for me is not to be some super powerful character that I have seen be the hero in movies, but rather a normal person interacting with other normal people, with possible some amplification to mix it up once in a while.

We can't all be the Hero of the story with the legendary magical abilities, because then we just have a mess.


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[quote name='Aeoshattr' date='11 September 2009 - 02:48 AM' timestamp='1252651681' post='41504']
Would you make a list of your weaknesses in your pages? I lied, as part of the RP. DUHH!! you would hide your weaknesses as well. actually i don't think i've ever seen a list of weak spots in ANY PLAYER PAGE. and i read the papers of all players i meet.[/quote]

You can find a list of Pample's weaknesses in her papers, they have been there for quite some time.

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Don't get me wrong, I agree, fighting RP should involve the fighting system, but at the same time it should not be based ENTIRELY on the fighting system. Just cause a person has a regen of 600 should they be invincible? I'm not against the whole, I just stomped your critters, now I stomp you in RP, but some of it is a bit iffy. I would not respect someone who knowingly wanders through a door I am sitting against, protecting passage through it, without first moving me in some way. (Assuming they are RPing, if they just need to get to the next scene to get on with whatever, no huge deal, but if I am protecting a doorway because someone is behind it that I was attempting to protect, they just walk though and kill everyone...)

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The fact remains that the two systems (fighting and roleplaying) will never been completely cohesive, because there is nothing physically bonding them together. Whether someone wants to roleplay that their character was injured when another attacks them in true combat is up to them.

Because the person being attacked has free-reign of roleplay, they can ignore the combat result. In effect, an attacking person cannot god-mod that they killed anybody else.

To a degree, I think that's a beautiful system. We are all working together so that the outcomes are generally agreeable to all. Would you want to be wounded truly after combat? Could you imagine the frustration if you could actually die? It wouldn't be a pleasant experience for anybody, with the exception of the person massacring (dst, you come to mind in respect to the person that would have the most fun).

There are times when the two systems come together, and I think that when people can make them work together it adds a good deal of strength to their roleplay. It is a lot more respectable and appreciated when the two systems are used in conjunction. Will it ever be completely cohesive? Doubtful. Do I want it to be? Part of me says not at all.


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Humm a good roleplay? My opinion will be simple and short. Everything can be concidered as good roleplay if players do enjoy it and no one feels offended. Thats my version and I'm going to stick with it. In world there are many role players who are so in role they play and I find it good. But some of those roles are boring for me personaly and I wouldn't have any fun to be part of roleplay which I would not enjoy.
Everything we do in MD should be for fun. If it become sheadule or rutine everyone will get annoyed and grumpy.
But of course I am new player and can be wrong.

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