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Game Initiating Defense...what's The Dillio?


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i usually walk around with a screen of defenders at least 5 rituals long, at least 301 vp. the past two days i've had random defenses pop up that i don't want to and didn't organize myself. they get waxed, and the past one even put in 45% influence which i don't do. this has happened 2-3 times.

note: i already have defenses up that are being bypassed. yes they have 301 vitality. the def rit's i organized are even still there. i went and used unbind on each already and it happened again today. lame.

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I'm confused, are you upset your random ritual is getting blown away without any effort from the attacker? Or that it's going random? Also, if your next ritual in line doesn't have the required Ve, it goes random. Random means the last ritual. In most cases this is likely your defense ritual which caused it to go random. Having "randomly" selected the ritual and finding that it "too" doesn't have the required Ve, it just creates a random ritual.

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i don't like that it's going random, i wanted losses just not losses with 6 creatures i didn't throw together.

like i said i abide by the 301 vitality rule pretty closely and stack a bunch of single crit def. rituals, but if nobody else experienced this i suppose human error on my part is the only possibility. thanks for the responses.

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just tell us what creature u used... it will be faster to find the problem...

and make sure u TICK that box for it to be considered as a defence ritual...

also.. make sure ur creature has 301 and not just the total vit it can have.. EG: 250/400 is a NO NO... it should be 301/400 (minimum) hope u understood

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random rits putting a random amount of praypower into the rit is normal. also, it is a known bug that if the defense ritual that would be triggered is broken (below 301 Ve, but not destroyed) it defaults to random rits, even if you still have a couple of other, valid rits. i guess what happened is that you've set a non-regenerating creature twice, it got destroyed in one rit, and the next time it would have been used in another rit it triggered the 301 Ve rule. just make sure you use different creatures, all of them above 301 Ve (or one self sustainable creature) for your disposable defs and the problem should be solved ^_^

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