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Nominations For Memorials


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Wodin villain? Aqune? O_O. Nooo! They were just annoying and sore losers (especially Aqune) but not villains.
And phlegm was indeed a really good player but he stopped too soon. He did nothing memorable (unless you consider that being the first one to solve the first quest made by an RPC is an achievement).
The same was Sacophilz( for the ones that remember him). He was really really smart but he stopped playing. He helped me crack the regen mystery and the Fat Baby ritual. Hmm...so maybe he is more deserving then others :D

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umm yea i see writer has to know the player well or hear a lot about him and his deeds otherwise no nice extra sentences that are there without real meaning, in other words i can bulk up every memorial and/or al story branch in one sentence :P

in addition to wot grido said savel was leader of gg ally after wodin left and before yrth took over and he also got mentioned in al for that, later he moved to gotr and then got his own church, he was helping nelya around a lot as much as i remember, both with land things and quests

as for lightsage... uf uf uf that guy did tons of things :D cmon who else can say that s/he possessed leadership of 3 alliances :P huhuhu, not only that he was good with bugs (one of few ppl that knew how to make ghost rit), he was one of top fighters, messing up with hc when ever he saw fit to do so, he was second to get more than 10k loyalty, he was very active lho, he was forum mod as well, he was at first in necros till dst and no one did big ally overtaking, so then he finished out of ally, and later when allies were restored by mur (sentinels were given back to khal) khal kicked lightsage becoz he accused him for inviting dst's alt which overtook ally, while truth was marv did it, then he finished at golemus, he was again gaining tons of loyalty and surpassed yrth, which later overthrown him himself and kicked him out saying that ppl complained about lightsage as leader (yea he was only one except yrth to control wodin) then he went to ds, and stayed for longer time until again he didnt overtook leadership, and not much after that simply complained to mur and mur kicked everyone out of ds, and when dst got her ally he joined them, and no long time after he got banned becoz screwing with hc

lol and those are just short summaries, umm i am damn good

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So it has been... over half a year since I closed the book to new memorials, and signed the project off for future archivists.

Well, seeing Indy's quest, I was thinking that perhaps it is time to reopen the book again. So I ask the following question:

Are there any veterans who deserve to be memorialized?

The conditions for memorialization are:

1. Some form of inactivity. It does not have to be complete disappearance, but they should essentially have ended their legendary period.
2. The player must have brought about some form of change. Be that in fighting, role play, religion, or some other case.

If you remember, as well, I had three categories (Legends, Greats, Notables). The only Notable is Jonn, so I am thinking of just adding Jonn to the Great list and removing the Notable list for good. That was the list that caused the most trouble anyways.

In addition, I was thinking perhaps I will even open up a subforum on the archivists because if there is a round 2 for the book, I would really love to have a board for each person with a vote for which category they belong in (or if they belong at all!).

And I also have to admit that my coding of the Book of Ancients is pretty shoddy. If someone could provide their services to make it significantly more snazzy, that would be much appreciated. I would be willing to pay.

Also, if I see memorials that fit the above conditions in Indya's quest, I would be happy to add them to the book at the end of the competition, with the permission of the author and Indya.

The following are some suggestions I have for those who might need to be memorialized:

Zleiphneir (Tengri)
Peace (I don't know, she is both dead and no longer Queen. She is around, true, but one might make the argument that her productive period is over)
Marvolo (?)
Princ (?)



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Just a reminder, the conditions for Legend were:

1. Long-lasting change. So, their name should come up in conversation often. Khalazdad, Wodin, and BigC are the legends, I believe.

If you would like to challenge one of the placings of a person (move it either up or down) it can be put to vote.


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[quote name='awiiya' date='05 May 2010 - 09:24 PM' timestamp='1273091090' post='59455']
1. Long-lasting change. So, their name should come up in conversation often. Khalazdad, Wodin, and BigC are the legends, I believe.

The First ever LHO Overlord? Do i need to continue to explain?

Also, did you ever talk to Jonn, he was such a enthusiastic character that i feel that he was a legendary player. And he did a GREAT Job running the LHO's for a long period of time along with the numerous other jobs that he did.

I could name a lot of players who knew Jonn and would agree with me on this point.

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This is partly why I stopped doing the memorials.

I used to choose who was to go into the Book of Ancients, but in the time since I stopped doing them I have realized that it was not quite right for me to do that. It is true, I am (and probably will be, if this starts again) the author, but so much conflict could have been avoided had I allowed the community to choose their own legends.

So, Chewett, and any others that follow his example, please do not tell ME why they deserve to go into the book. Convince the COMMUNITY.

Keep in mind, the biggest change I want to make is that although I will write them, I will not choose who to go in and who not to go in.


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As for Z..that's one I think might be possible, i'd suggest talking to him about it first though, just curious what he says about playing a little around here and there.

Peace- although it's true she herself said she "won't change much anymore" ingame, I'd wait a bit longer in order to know what happens.

Marv, Princ- I'd give them more time to show off their inactivity.

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