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Removal Of The Acceptance Of Alts

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Having worked as a mod on a game with a single-account rule, I can safely say it is almost impossible to enforce, for reasons others have mentioned above. IPs, cookies, etc.. are not reliable, and there is no sure way to identify multiple accounts of the same player, short of endless hours of work for mods comparing login data, analysing activity, friends, even dialects...

But there are worse problems than that. Any time a hard, abitrary rule like this is set, it [i]Invites[/i] many people to make workarounds. You will be encouraging new, secretive, methods for behaving in ways that are not now really harmful. And once you stigmatise things, it's hard to go back and in some ways encourages more scurrilous activity. So I say, leave it as it is. And monitor for gross abuses only. Farms, etc.. what makes the game truly unfair.

I agree with the above suggestions that it might help if it were possible to restrict certain transactions like shop purchases and CTC to only chars with a certain amount of activity...But how hard is it to get an AD? What is a proper disincentive to have golem alts, or incubators?

I did used to RP two chars here, as autonomous and unique individuals with separate lives, friends, goals and interests. One of them ironically had her life ended more or less because of someone else's banning for abuse of alts....

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I have been long against the use of alts, in every game I have evr played. For me the use of an alt to advance your rp is like outsourcing jobs to another country. I firmly believe that if you need

First of all, I don't want alts to be banned. I don't want them openly accepted. I know of several games that track the ips of it's players and post them on a log so that they can be monitered. Tra

[quote name='Fenrir Greycloth' date='09 August 2009 - 07:55 PM' timestamp='1249836951' post='39043'] 1)I know of several games that track the ips of it's players and post them on a log so that they c

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