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I seriously dont see the point of this thread.

Why do you even care if people are offended or insulted?

Its RP.

You play a D**K, others play children or really nice characters.

Some say sorry too much, some dont.

Its colorful, its interesting.

Some characters are loved, some are hated.

Why even debate about it?

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Would you like to know what I continue to encounter on this site? People who don't know what the term OOC is, or the term IC.
It means In Character and Out Of Character.
What does this tell me? It tells me that very few people on MD actually know what Roleplay is.

It is not a term to disguise manipulative BS or politics. Its a term that means to 'play a role' to 'create a character unlike yourself'.

As for your opinions on the subject, I can respect them as I can see and understand your side of the subject.
I've been role playing since I was 9 years of age and I do understand the frustrations of it and the urge to want to see original characters.

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