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[quote name='Chewett' date='02 August 2009 - 04:40 AM' timestamp='1249206057' post='38523']
I agree Entirely. The dojo was broken. Sage has not confronted Shadow about this when he has given her every chance. Let him Have a go. It cant be any worse.

I like to know when I was confronted on this matter? I have been moving into a new home and was unable to attend the Debate. The Dojo was not created by myself, it was created by Calyx of Isis. It is unfortunate that both Calyx and myself were not able to attend.

By all means, let Shadow Seeker have a go. I have had it up to here with blatant disregard for the rules established by Calyx and by SOME Mp5's who think they could do what they wanted.

I hereby resign my position as Apprentice Dojo Mistress. You will soon see what the Dojo Staff and trainees have had to put up.

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I admit I am surprised by this, Sage. Nevertheless, I would still like to actively recruit for staff members.

It's simple observing and marking PLs, in worse cases PMing me. But also helping out people..Again, I call veterans to help, spend some time there...not like the newbies will eat you alive [img]http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/public/style_emoticons//blum.gif[/img]

And the people offering lessons, think you could give me them to check over? Once I approved (which i think shouldn't be too much of a problem..more to check for spoilers/compare them) there'll be lessons on everything.

Current (formerly old) staff:
Princ Rhaegar
Poppi Chullo

Edited by Shadowseeker
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don't worry SS i took care of helping to reduce your trouble by stealing ALL the mp4 to GGG MUhahaaaaaaa sorry about that i needed 666 wins for my BP so stole all da mp4 there since its easier for me to get wins there without exp lol
I don't want to be a official staff or anything but if i see any newbie needs help i will help.. doesn't matter if u or sage is in charge.

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I'm in two minds about this.

On one hand, it's good to see a bit more rigidity to the dojo.

Some of the rules are valid, but then there are others which I'm not so impressed with.

1: MP5's are open to attack - I personally used to go to the dojo, not to train, but because it was the social epicentre of the game, I could talk to friends and not risk mass gribbly death.

2: Not to use excessive roleplay - Why not just change the name of the game to 'duel' in that case? The dojo was the last bastion of roleplay left in the game, so where are us 'RPC's (that's ROLE PLAYING characters, for those who have forgotten) supposed to ROLE PLAY? We could go to the...no, wait, there's nobody there....or how about the.....Nope....no one there either. Most people were either at the dojo (Role players and those less interested in combat) or the gazebo (Combatheads). So now where are the roleplayers supposed to go? Because I for one will not be returning to the dojo any time soon.

I know some people will dispute the comments i've made, but I stand by them.
The idea as a whole is a good one, but it needs refining.


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wait a bit.... isnt roleplaying supposed to be everywhere in the realm? and not centred in one location, afaik it is, roleplaying in dojo and mp5 rules made dojo dead, go ahead get all roleplayers in one location and ya can call this game deadgame.com instead, roleplaying is supposed to be scattered all across realm and not to be bound to one location, cmon i wanna see smith, fisherman, bandit, vampire, and all players roleplaying at dojo that woule be interesting fishing on dry, having bandit camp on main town square so to speak, vampires on sun and zleiph at dojo where there is no bob :P sry if ya dont understand this then dont but then ya have really no right to talk about roleplaying, ya should be the one to search and catch up to find others with who ya wanna talk and not that everyone comes to single location

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Indeed, I agree with Liberty.
But partially with Gargant as well.

I realize what Gargant implies with calling the game just duel.com
But what if you push it so hard; like you said, talking to mp5 without fearing death, that at one point everyone is just rp'ing in 1 spot to avoid fights?
Might as well call the game magic.com.
Also, if you don't want to die it would be better to stay in a sanctuary anyway. The dojo is still dangerous.

And liberty is correct I think. Anyone remember when mur made a post about roleplaying. It was just before or during a festival. He said that roleplaying a hermit in a crowded place wouldn't really make you believable and that roleplaying in a more overlooked location, such as loreroot which is more empty than marind bell, that through the dedication the roleplay would be better.(I think, don't quote me on this, lol, can't find the post.)

I am currently in willow's shop. It is quiet, it is a place where I have been a lot. (more than 2k visits) It is /apparently/ a pub, but no one is serving me, so I am drinking alone.
I am still roleplaying :P and because it is so empty here, I am still safe. The main issue with roleplay currently, is that others are not moving about. (roar, all the liquor cabinets are mine!)

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I agree, if you're looking to not get pounded, move the RPers to the sanctuary, or everywhere. The thing about the dojo is that it wasn't about fighting anymore. As Gargant said the grinders/fighters hang at the GoE, Rpers at MDP. Well, the dojo is for learning the combat system and sparring, shouldn't the dojo be with the grinders? Why not move the dojo to the GoE, a place just about everyone goes through, and everyone can be according to their role. Best part, vets are almost always around to answer questions.

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