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Gameage! (Oneword Story)

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. Polygamy Buahahaha... Much positive reputation!

since when were people allowed to post 2 words each?

... (what the hell?)

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[quote][b]Story So Far[/b]

Once upon a branch in Edinborough, was Bunny that died. He ate poisoned cookies that were from Mur and couldn't find antidote because Grido killed the wookie that had a bottle of it. But then Chewie asked about his Wookie rash that had come from Uranus then Grido made poopy from Chewie because iptools is kissing it repeatedly. After some acp will be great but Lib wont have it going till death do us a refuse on Wednesday DeathRay pooped everywhere but, that disgusted nobody had it anthropomorphized it so spam DeathRay's testicultastic promotional documentary quasi-religious known as dumb imbecile the LHO-inquisitor sniffs Granos's fetid Aramor. Why he licked his hand nobody washed everyone's buttock's Ewe with Leu are dating a joker sat Jimmy Neutron used tampons inserted up Bagpipes!!! Later Zalabar died from DeathRay's fart afterwords DeathRay entered Necrovion and Peace slashed DeathRay's neck because DeathRay talked again about taboo Drachorns. Mur.......and Manu did Dragostea-din-tei and then they killed peace's Slave Tzaroth With spam that tasted Piggish Polygamy cackled up since yesterday. Jacko Jacked somone's pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis eventually LordRastlin gave you Limburger which floccinaucinihilipilificated[/quote]

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[quote name='Shantu' date='13 December 2009 - 07:56 PM' timestamp='1260734171' post='49785']
(How about copying the whole story in every post and then add the word you want? You could see the whole sentence this way and add something that is grammatically correct, instead of random babbling..)

you can if you want, but post size will expload.

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