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Banning Of Player Blood Prince

Bannings of the dojo  

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It's sort of an issue that people can't defend the dojo. While one might argue it makes good RP as a villain, a knightly hero ought have a chance to defend the dojo, but they don't really. A knightly hero could attack the offender, but the offender wouldn't really take any harm from it and be able to still go around whacking weaker players. For role play purposes a person attacked by a defender of the dojo and beaten ought to leave. For non-RP purposes there is little that can be done about defending the dojo. (Move-lock, attack lock, whatever, but those aren't that bad and don't last too long.)

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you wanna give a bunch of morons with too much ego a ban spell????????? i dont even need to say how many different types of stupid that would be. an mp5 has no right being banned from a noob area since an mp5 cannot attack noobs. Great way to set examples.........

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